About the time clock status

When Tanda is unable to connect to a time clock, its status changes to offline.

A warning appears on timesheets if the time clock status changed to offline during the current timesheet period.

These warnings disappears once:

  1. The time clock is reconnected (see the below troubleshooting steps for assistance)

  2. The time clock is deleted:

    • To delete a time clock, navigate to Settings > Time Clocks

Note: This warning is a "heads up" to let you know that there is a time clock which has gone offline. It won't prevent you from approving or exporting timesheets.

Troubleshooting an offline time clock

If your Time Clock has gone offline, an error will appear at the bottom of the Time Clock App. Check the arrow to expand the error and see the full message.

Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. Check your Wifi

  2. Restart Your Device

  3. Update Your Time Clock

  4. Force Stop the App

  5. Re-authenticate your app

1. Check your Wifi

Check the wi-fi connection of your device to ensure that you are connected to the internet. It's best practice to ensure the device has access to a stable internet connection.

Tip: use the web browser on the device to navigate some web pages and confirm the internet is working as expected.

If your Time Clock has access to the internet, move to the next troubleshooting step; checking for an App Update.

2. Restarting the Device

  • For Samsung: Hold down the power button on the top right side of the device (above volume) until a menu pops up. Press the Restart button. The device will then power back up and open on the Time Clock. Wait a few minutes and check if the Offline warning has disappeared from the bottom and then check in Tanda that your clock-ins have come through.

  • For iPad: Hold down the power button on the top right side of the device. Slide to power off and then wait a few seconds. Then press the power button down again until you see the apple symbol on your screen. Open the Time Clock and check that the Offline warning has disappeared from the bottom and then check in Tanda that your clock-ins have come through

3. Updating the App

Tanda regularly make updates to improve the reliability of the Time Clock. The Time Clock will generally still function as always without the update, but you should enable the update as soon as possible.

When there is an update available it will show at the bottom of the Time Clock to any staff member. You just need to click on the message and then follow the prompts.

4. Force Stop the App

If your Time Clock is still not online at this point, you can try Force Stopping the app before re-opening it.

  • For Samsung: scroll from the top down and select the Settings cog in the top right hand corner. On the left menu select Applications and on the right select Application Manager. Scroll down until you see Tanda Time Clock and click on this and press FORCE STOP, click OK. Press the Home button at the bottom of the device and the Time Clock will restart.

  • For iPad: double click the Home button to open your most recent apps. Swipe left or right until you see the Time Click and swipe up to close it. Then re-open the Time Clock app.

5. Re-authenticating the app

The primary reason for the requirement of re-authentication of the app is that a team managers profile may have been deactivated. This can be resolved by entering the passcode of an administrator.

You may have an authentication error when this message appears in your app:

Authentication problem. Clock ins will be sent after this problem is resolved.
Go to 'Reauthenticate' in the Manager Settings to fix.

Before re-authenticating, make sure you:

  • Have sent all pending clockins

  • Have a 9 Digit Setup code OR

  • Have the My Tanda email and password available

To re-authenticate in the Time Clock:

1. Passcode in as an Admin users
2. Tap the Settings button

3. Tap on Settings to open the menu

4. Tap App Details

5. Tap Re-authenticate

6. Tap Continue on the modal and ensure you have the correct details to re-auth

Note: If the Time Clock is still online but times have not transferred to timesheets, check to see if any clocked times are pending on the Time Clock.

If there are any times listed in Pending Clock Ins on your time clock, click Send to Tanda to force the time clock to sync data.

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