When Tanda is unable to connect to a time clock, the time clock will display as offline on your dashboard.

Troubleshooting an offline time clock

If your Time Clock has gone offline, an error will appear at the bottom of the Time Clock App. Click the arrow to expand the error and see the full message.

Follow the steps below to resolve your time clock connection issue, or if the error message displayed on your time clock matches one of the below, skip straight to that step:

  1. Check your Wifi

  2. Restart Your Device

  3. Update Your Time Clock

  4. Reauthenticate your time clock

1. Check your Wifi

Check the wifi connection of your device to ensure that you are connected to the internet.

You can double check by opening the web browser on the device to navigating to some web pages to confirm the internet is working as expected.

If your Time Clock has access to the internet, move to the next troubleshooting step.

2. Restart the Device

Restart your tablet, and check if your Time Clock is now online.

3. Check for updates to the app

Tanda regularly make updates to improve the reliability of the Time Clock.

When there is an update available it will show at the bottom of the Time Clock to any staff member. Click the message and then follow the prompts.

4. Reauthenticate your time clock

You may have an authentication error when this message appears in your app:

'Authentication problem. Clock ins will be sent after this problem is resolved.
Go to 'Reauthenticate' in the Manager Settings to fix.'

To re-authenticate your Time Clock:

1. Enter the passcode of an Admin user

2. Navigate to the Menu in the top right

3. Select Settings

4. Select App Details

5. Select Reauthenticate

6. Select Continue on the modal and confirm your Time Clock setup code. (for more information on where to find your time clock setup code, see Installing the Tanda time clock app)

Note: If the Time Clock is still online but times have not transferred to timesheets, check to see if any clocked times are pending on the Time Clock.

If there are any times listed in Pending Clock Ins on your time clock, click Send to Tanda to force the time clock to sync data.

Troubleshooting and FAQ's

What does the time clock warning on a timesheet mean?

A warning appears on timesheets if the time clock status changed to offline during the current timesheet period.

These warnings disappears once:

  1. The time clock is reconnected (see the below troubleshooting steps for assistance)

  2. The time clock is deleted:

    • To delete a time clock, navigate to Settings > Time Clocks

Note: This warning won't prevent you from approving or exporting timesheets.

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