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Staff: Clocking in with the mobile app
Staff: Clocking in with the mobile app
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Your organisation may allow you to clock in and out of your shifts remotely with the mobile app.

This help guide covers:

Allowing access to your camera and location

In order to record an accurate clock in, the mobile app requires permission to access your location and camera while using the app. This information is used by your organisation to ensure the right employees are clocking in at the right places.

If access is not provided, you will not be able to clock in remotely, and Clock In Blocked will appear when you attempt to.

To grant access permission to the app, either accept when you first open the app, or through your device's settings.

Clocking in and out

If the permission levels are enabled by your organisation, you'll be able to clock in and out through the mobile app.

To clock in, select the yellow Clock in button in the top right corner of the app, under your profile picture. You'll be navigated to the clock-in screen, then click the option to clock in.

The same process will apply when clocking onto a break or clocking out of your shift. You'll receive confirmation each time you clock in and out.

Viewing your status

Check whether you're clocked in, out, or onto a break by viewing your status in the top right corner of the app.

Answering shift questions

Your organisation may require you to answer questions when you're clocking in or out of your shift, or onto your break. These can be asked each time you're clocking in, or in more specific circumstances like clocking in later than you were rostered to start.

Select or enter the relevant information, submit your response, and you'll be clocked in. If a response is required, you won't be able to clock in until you provide an answer.

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