Employees can record team changes on the Time Clock during a shift. This is useful to:

  • Record the accurate time of a team change

  • Record a team change that was unplanned

How do staff change teams?

Staff who are able to work at multiple teams at a location will be able to change teams by tapping on the switch icon on the Time Clock or Tanda App.

Or switch on the Tanda App:

Staff will be able to swap teams even if they are clocked-out. The apps will display available teams to the staff member based on the employee's location.

A staff member can simply tap the team they wish to swap into.

What happens when staff change teams?

Changing teams will clock-out the employee from their current shift at the current time and clock-in to the team they change to at the same time. It will create 2 shifts in My Tanda.

This is what it looks like on My Tanda Timesheets:

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