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Time Clock: Kiosk Mode

Enable and disable kiosk mode on the Time Clock

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For iOS devices, Guided Access should be used. Guided Access can be turned on from the Settings app. 

  1. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access

  2. Turn on Guided Access

  3. Open the Time Clock app

  4. Triple-click the home button to start Guided Access


Note: this is for Android Devices only.

'Kiosk Mode' is where the Time Clock application is mapped to the Home Button of your device. Pressing on the Home Button will therefore open the Tanda Time Clock. You can enable or disable this at any time within the same app.

Kiosk Mode was made available on the 4.3.25 version release of the Time Clock. Check your version by using the View / Send Device Info guide.

Enable Kiosk Mode

1. Make sure you have at least version 4.3.25 or above downloaded from the Play Store
2. Passcode into the Time Clock as an Admin
3. Tap the Settings button

4. Tap on Settings 

5. Tap on Feature Management 

6. Toggle Kiosk Mode on and tap Save 

7. Select Tanda Time Clock as the default launcher

Kiosk Mode will now be enabled on your device.

Disable Kiosk Mode

Similar steps as above but simply:

1. Toggle the Kiosk Mode to an off state and tap Save 

If you run into any issues doing this, please contact us through the blue chat bubble or through

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