The Time Clock App turns any compatible Android or Apple tablet into a dedicated employee time clock in your workplace. Employees record shift start and finish times by entering a unique passcode into the Time Clock. Break times can also be recorded.

Adding a new Time Clock

To register a new Time Clock App to your Tanda / account, follow the steps below:

  1. Download the Tanda / Time Clock App from the App store for Apple devices or from the Play Store for Android devices

  2. Locate your setup code:

    1. Log in to Tanda / online at

    2. Navigate to Settings > Time Clocks > New Time Clock

  3. Enter your setup code:

    1. In the time clock app, select My business uses Tanda / > select the setup code option, then enter your setup code

    2. Select the location of the time clock

    3. Optionally give the time clock a name (this helps to identify the time clock in your Tanda / account if you have more than one)

What tablets are compatible with the app?

The Time Clock App runs on any tablet compatible with:

  • Apple iOS 9.0 or above

  • Android version 5.0 or above

For the best user experience, we recommend a tablet that is 7 inches or above in size with a front-facing camera.

FAQ and troubleshooting

Is there a way to 'lock' the Tanda / app to the tablet screen?

Yes, see this guide for further details on making Tanda / the default application on your tablet.

When authenticating the time clock I receive an error:

  • If you are authenticating using your email and password you will require the Manager (or higher) permission level in Tanda / If you hold only the employee permission level, you will receive an error.

  • If you are authenticating using the linking code and receive an error, check the below:

    1. Check that the authentication code is still valid (for security purposes your account will display a new code every 48 hours)

    2. Check that the authentication code is entered correctly

Can I use the Time Clock App on a computer?

Time Clocks have to be either on an Apple or Android mobile device, therefore you're not able to use a computer.

Can you share or write down the setup code?

For security, your account will generate a new setup code every 48 hours and the old code will expire. In that time you can use the same code to authenticate as many time clock apps as you wish. You only need to confirm this code when setting up a time clock.

How often will the time clock sync data?

The time clock will sync data to our servers every 5 minutes, or each time an employee records their attendance. The regular sync each 5 minutes will look for new employees in your Tanda account and any changes made to account settings.

Does the time clock load employees from other locations that are different to the location of the time clock?

By default the Time Clock will load the Time Clock codes and profiles of all employees in your Tanda / organisation. To load only the profiles of employees who work in the location of the Time Clock to that device, log in to, navigate to Settings > Time Clocks > Scope to Location and change the selection to 'Yes'

Note: If your Tanda / organisation has over 500 employees, 'scope to location' will automatically default to 'Yes' each time a new Time Clock is configured. This reduces the amount of data loaded to the device, increasing performance and reducing setup time.

Best practices for using the time clock app:

  • Turn on app auto-updates on your tablet to ensure you are always on the latest version

  • Wall mount the tablet in an area where employees assemble before a shift. This isn't necessary if you are unable to wall mount your tablet, but it can help to make clocking in a habitual part of the day

  • Purchase a tablet to use solely as a time clock. This means the time clock will always be accessible, and reduces the reasons for not recording attendance

  • Ensure the tablet has stable access to the internet. This means managers will be able to track attendance in real time

Related: The Tanda / Mobile App can also be used to record work hours. By default, the ability to clock in on the mobile app is turned off.

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