Re-authenticating the Time Clock is done when a manager or admin that originally setup the Time Clock leaves. 

You may have an authentication error when this message appears in your app:

Authentication problem. Clock ins will be sent after this problem is resolved.
Go to 'Reauthenticate' in the Manager Settings to fix.

Before re-authenticating, make sure you:

  • Have sent all pending clockins 
  • Have an 8 Digit Setup code OR
  • Have the My Tanda email and password available

To re-authenticate in the Time Clock:

1. Passcode in as an Admin users
2. Tap the Settings button

3. Tap on Settings to open the menu

4. Tap App Details 

5. Tap Re-authenticate 

6. Tap Continue on the modal and ensure you have the correct details to re-auth

This will reassign the admin to the Time Clock. If re-authentication errors persist, please contact us through the blue chat bubble or through 

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