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Tanda Mobile App: Remote Clock-in
Tanda Mobile App: Remote Clock-in

How to record attendance using the mobile app

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In addition to the Time Clock App, you can allow staff to clock-in to work on their personal Tanda Mobile App by enabling the remote clock-ins feature.

How it works

When remote clock-in is enabled, employees see the option to clock in for work on the Tanda Mobile App. See below where the employee can click on the yellow clock in button.

The process of clocking in and recording breaks is the same as the Tanda Time Clock App. The employee selects a team from the drop down menu and their photo is captured for the clock in. The feature in requires access to the devices location and camera as to complete the remote clock in. The clock in will not be captured if the device is offline, and as such requires a stable internet connection.

How to enable remote clock-ins

By default, the ability to clock-in on the mobile app is turned off. To enable the remote clock-ins feature, navigate to Settings > All Settings > Timesheets. You can enable remote clock-ins for your entire organisation or for specific teams. Admin permission level is required to modify these settings.

If remote clock ins are enabled, you can set up an acceptable radius around the location where employees can clock in through geofencing. If the system finds they are outside this location, it will block the clock in as shown below.

This requires the below shift question to be enabled on the account.

Troubleshooting & FAQ's

What to do if the clock in location is inaccurate?

Ensure your phone location services are turned on.

Apple location:

To check the location and camera permissions on an Apple device, navigate to the settings menu and search for ‘work’. Click on the work icon to see the below settings. Ensure that the camera setting is toggled on, and location is allowed while using app, and for the precise location. The precise location setting ensures your phone uses the most accurate method available to generate your location.

Android location:

If you still have issues with accuracy after following the above steps, try closing and re-opening the app. This forces Tanda to retrieve the most current position, and your phone may have received a more accurate position since first opening the app.

Does Tanda track location when not at work?

Tanda only requests your location at the point in time when you access the 'clock in' page on the Tanda mobile app. Your 'current location' isn't determined by Tanda - this location is determined by your mobile device, which sends your current location to the Tanda App.

If it's been a while since your device has updated its current location, it can take a while to re-position your current location. Closing and opening the app speeds up the process by forcing your latest location to be received by your device.

Why won’t my clock in work?

To clock in using the mobile app, a stable internet connection is required. Please check that you have access to Wi-Fi or a data provider while clocking in via the mobile app. Additionally, ensure that you have enabled camera and location access for the TANDA mobile app. Both are required for an accurate clock in to be recorded.

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