Clocking in remotely from the Tanda mobile app is optional. By default, the ability to clock in on the mobile app will be turned off.

Enable remote clock-ins

Note: Admin permission level is required to modify these settings.

To enable the remote clock-ins feature, navigate to Settings > All Settings > Timesheets. There you'll have the option to enable for your entire organization or select specific teams. 

Once enabled, you will be able to clock in remotely using the mobile app. Make sure you've granted access to your camera and location while using the app in your device settings.

Here's what it looks like:

Staff are already signed into their own accounts so the use of Passcodes (which you might be familiar with from the Time Clock) are not required. If they are part of multiple teams, they also have an option to choose which they'll be working with that day.

You can check you're current clock status on the Home screen, just under your profile picture.

How to Clock-in via Tanda App

To clock-in remotely:

1. Make sure your account has the setting enabled

2. Sign into the Tanda Mobile App and select the action button on the Home screen 
3. Tap the Clock in for work option and accept the permissions on the screen that follows

4. Select the relevant option to clock-in, out, or on break. This will send the latitude and longitude along with the clock-in to Tanda and will appear on timesheets. This is what it'll look like:

Based on your current clock status, your option will move to the next expected action. For example, if you've started your break, the next option will automatically be to 'Finish Break'.

Troubleshooting & FAQ's

Why am I unable to clock-in using the remote clock-in feature?

If you can see the remote clock-in option in your app, but it doesn't allow you to clock-in - this usually relates to the location settings on your mobile device. Tanda will require location access in order to record the clock-in. Tanda only requires location access at the point in time that you are using the remote clock-in feature.

What does 'Clock-in blocked' mean?

Some organisations require a photo or location to be recorded when clocking-in and out via the app. If you've denied location and camera access to the app, you won't be able to complete a clock-in.

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