Geofencing is a way to ensure that staff are at the workplace when they record their clock-ins using the mobile app.

How it works

Tanda compares the GPS coordinate of the employee against the location and radius that you define in the location settings.

On the timesheet overview page for an individual employee, each clock-in photo will include a geofencing icon in the lower right corner.

The geofencing icon can appear in three different colors.

  • Green icon indicates a clock in occurring within the defined area

  • Red icon indicates that it occurred outside of the defined area.

  • Blue icon indicates that the location or user is not completely configured for this process. Updating the location's address and / or the employee's team assignment should resolve this.

Defining the geofence radius

Each location has an acceptable login radius. By default, this value is set at 100 meters.

To adjust this value, navigate to the location settings under Workforce > Teams > (edit location) > Advanced options > Login radius (meters)

FAQ and troubleshooting

How accurate is the GPS signal?

There is no standard accuracy that can be defined. How accurate a GPS signal is depends on many factors including:

  • The terrain and surrounding buildings

  • The service provider

  • The type of device being used

If you find that accuracy is an issue in your specific location, increase the radius to account for the expected error.

Why does the location show somewhere I am not?

Usually this is a sign that a GPS signal hasn't been received by the app since moving from the previous location. There are a number of reasons that might be the case, including if GPS had been turned off on the device for some time. In most cases this will update after a short wait, otherwise, closing and opening the app again will update the GPS location.

Employees are at the correct location but Tanda still shows a red clock in

The login radius is based off a central point on a map. This means if the address entered covers a large area where employees could potentially clock in, the radius will need to be widened to reflect this. For example, google maps may drop the pin for a shopping centre on the edge of the building, ensure the radius is sufficiently wide to cover the whole area.

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