Geofencing is a quick way to ensure that staff are properly located at their designated workplaces. Tanda integrates geofencing by cross referencing a location's address with the GPS coordinates of a device during mobile clock in via the Tanda App.

Managers and Employees can see this feature in action at the timesheets page at On the timesheet overview page for an individual employee, each shift will be accompanied by the associated image. For mobile clock ins, this will also include the geofencing icon in the lower right corner.

The geofencing icon can appear in three different colors. The green icon represents a clock in occurring within the defined area, and the red icon indicates that it occurred outside of the defined area. Occasionally, the icon may be blue - this just means that the location or user is not completely configured for this process. Updating the location's address and / or the employee's team assignment should resolve this.

Each location has an acceptable login radius. By default, this value is set at 100 meters. To adjust this value, there is an option available under the "show advanced options..." toggle on the edit page for a location.

By increasing or decreasing this value for each location, managers are able to define the expectation for an employee's location when they use the mobile app for clocking in.


Employees are at the correct location but Tanda still shows a red clock in
The login radius is based off a central point on a map. This means if the address entered covers a large area where employees could potentially clock in, the radius will need to be widened to reflect this. For example, google maps may drop the pin for a shopping centre on the edge of the building, ensure the radius is sufficiently wide to cover the whole area.

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