Shift Questions

Add a custom question or prompt when staff clock-in

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Shift questions display a customisable question when staff clock-in or out of their shift. Responses to shift questions can trigger a variety of outcomes, such as applying a comment to timesheets, or automatically applying an allowance.

Example use cases include:

  • Recording the reason for clocking in or out before or after the scheduled time

  • Recording acknowledgement of a policy

  • Recording information about what happened on shift, such as how many kilometers were driven

How to create a shift question

Navigate to Settings > All Settings > Shift Questions > Set up shift questions

For example, to ask the question ‘Why are you leaving early?’, and offer a set of options for the employee to select from, configure the following steps:

  1. In the For section, select whether you want the question to be asked on the: Time Clock App and/or Mobile App

  2. In the When section, select which time clock action you want the question to ask on: e.g. Clock out, or Clock in.

  3. In the Only If section, select the circumstance that you want the question to be asked: e.g. Earlier than scheduled

  4. In the With any tag section, select the tags of the employees you want the shift questions to apply to, or leave it as 'All staff'.

  5. In the Lenience section, define the threshold beyond which the question will be asked: e.g. a lenience of 10 minutes, when asked 'Earlier than scheduled' would trigger the question to be asked when a clock-in occurs 10 minutes earlier than the scheduled time.

  6. Select between Ask a question or Prevent Clock In

  7. In the Ask section, write the question as you want it to appear to the employee when it is asked

  8. In the Then section, select the outcome you want create from the answer: e.g. Add a timesheet comment, or Add an allowance

  9. Select the checkbox Is Required? if you want to force a response to be provided

​10. In the Add Quick Responses section, define the answer options you want for employees, or leave this section blank, if you want employees to be able to type an answer into a free text field when using the 'Add a timesheet comment' option in step 8 above.

Preventing clock-ins or clock-outs is available when determining the conditions for the question, so for example, if an employee is clocking in/out earlier than scheduled or if they are not scheduled at all.

When adding new questions, expect your device to take 10 minutes to sync the new questions.

FAQ's and Troubleshooting

How can I find the comments added to the timesheet?

When an employee leaves an answer and you choose to add it to the timesheet, there will be a red notification sign for each shift. Clicking on it will show the answer:

If the Is required? option is selected in the shift question settings, and the employee doesn't provide a response to the question, a comment will still be left to show that the employee made no selection.

All the comments are be stored in the Excel summary as well which you can download by going to Timesheets > Preview and Export > Download Excel Summary. There is a tab in the excel file called "By Comment".

If there is more than one shift question asked, how is the order of questions determined?

The shift question order is determined by the order that the shift questions were created, with the earliest created shift question asked first.

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