Getting The App

Open the relevant app store for your device and search for Tanda. Choose the light blue Tanda application as displayed below.


The default page when opening the app will be the 'Home' page. Here, you'll find an overview of the current rostered period, including:

  • Your next rostered shift

  • Widget showing an overview of the roster period and estimated wages

  • Percentage of rostered shifts that have been worked

  • Wages earned so far

  • Hours worked so far

From this page, you'll also be able to access your app profile through the image in the top right corner, and other functions through the action menu button at the bottom of the screen.

Clocking In and Out

If the permission levels are enabled by your organisation, you'll be able to clock in and out through the mobile app. You'll also need to enable location and permission settings for the Tanda app in your device settings.

To clock in, select the action button and the option to Clock in for work. You'll be navigated to the clock in screen where you'll need to select the option to Clock In.

The same process will apply when clocking onto a break or clocking out of your shift.

Learn more about clocking in and out via the app in this help guide.

See My Shifts

All team members can access information about their personal shifts in the app.

Your shifts for the week can be accessed through the navigation bar at the bottom of your device. You will be able to toggle between your shifts in the past, your current scheduled shifts, and future shifts that have been published by your organisation through the < and > symbols in the top right of the screen.

Depending on the organisation settings, you can also toggle between your shifts and your team's shifts through the buttons at the top of the page.

Each shift card will display:

  • The times you will be working.

  • Any breaks you've been rostered and whether they are paid or unpaid.

  • The team and location that you will be working in.

  • The estimated wages that you will receive for working that shift (if this setting is enabled for your organisation).

  • The profile picture of other staff members in your team working at the same time.

Clicking into a shift card will also show any additional shift details and actions, including:

  • The times of breaks you've been scheduled, including whether they are paid or unpaid breaks (shown by the $ icon).

  • The button to request a replacement for your rostered shift.

Accepting shifts that do not meet your regular hours of work

Depending on your employment type and your organisation settings, your organisation may require you to accept or decline a shift that doesn't meet your regular hours of work.

Any shifts that do not meet the regular hours set against your profile will be outlined when your roster is published. When reviewing your upcoming roster, you'll have the option to Accept All Pending shifts, or Review by Hand through the Shifts page on the navigation bar.

Time Off/Leave

From the action menu, you can select the 'Time off & availability' option to view and manage your leave and unavailability requests.

To create a new leave request, select the green + New icon in the top right corner of your device. You'll need to enter the following fields when creating your leave request:

  • If the request spans across One day or Multiple days

  • The dates you'd like the leave request to cover

  • If the request will apply All day or Between the hours of...

  • The applicable times if you've selected the Between the hours of... option

  • The leave type being taken

  • The reason for the request (note this is optional, and can include attachments)


Through the 'Time off and availability' option in the action screen, you can also apply for and check the status of unavailability requests.

To create a new unavailability request, select the + New button in the top right corner of the screen. Next, you'll be prompted to enter the following information to your request:

  • If the request is to apply Once or on a Weekly basis

  • Which date it applies to if you've selected Once, or which days it will apply to each Week

  • If the request is to apply All day or Between the hours of...

  • The applicable times if you've selected the Between the hours of... option

  • If the recurring Weekly unavailability Repeats forever or Between the dates...

  • The reason for the request (note this is required)

Learn more about our Unavailability feature and how it works here.

Requesting a Shift Replacement

If the setting has been enabled by your organisation, you can request a replacement for a rostered shift.

This can be done by selecting the specific shift that you are unable to work, and then pressing the 'Request a replacement' button - you'll be prompted to include a reason for the request, and confirm the estimated wage loss. From here, a manager will be able to offer the shift to your co-workers, or reject your request.

You will receive a notification once a team member has picked up your shift and it has been approved by a manager. Until then, the shift will remain on your roster. If your manager has rejected your request, you'll be notified via push notification.


Access the timesheets for previously worked shifts through the 'Timesheets' option on the navigation menu. Each shift card will include:

  • The date and times of the shift

  • The team you worked in

  • The worked hours in bold

  • The original rostered shift underneath

  • Earnings (if permission is enabled)

  • Breaks that were taken

  • Variance between the rostered vs worked hours

Variances between the shift you were rostered vs the shift you worked will be colour coded and the difference shown through either a positive or negative value:

  • If you've worked more hours than you've been rostered, green text will show how many extra hours you've worked

  • If you've worked less than what you've been rostered, orange text will show how many hours less you've worked

  • If you've worked exactly the same hours you've been rostered, orange text will show a -0 value

Depending on organisational settings, you'll be able to edit timesheets if you forgot to clock-out/in by accessing the relevant timesheet through the navigation bar and selecting the empty value. Once the changes have been made, click the 'Update' button on the corner of the shift card.

Create a Missing Shift

If you weren't rostered a shift and did work, or forgot to clock-in and out for a shift, you can add the missing shift through the Timesheets page on the navigation bar.

Select the ‘Missing a shift? Add it’ option at the bottom of this page, and then you'll be prompted to enter the following information:

  • The date of the missing shift

  • The hours you worked on the day

  • The team you worked in

  • Any comments to add to the shift (note this isn't a compulsory field)

As you enter details, a preview of the shift card will populate underneath. Depending on your organisation's settings, this new shift will be sent to your managers for approval.

Accessing Communication Messages

Your managers can send announcements to staff in your organisation, and these can be read and actioned through the Messages tab on the navigation bar.

Replying to Messages

When managers create an announcement, they can choose to allow replies from staff.

To send a reply, open the message in the specific communication group listed at the top of the page. Any announcements that allow replies will show a 'Replies' button in the corner - click this button to type and send your reply.

Note that all members of the communication room will be able to see your response.

Acknowledging Messages

Your managers may require you to acknowledge an announcement they've sent.

Announcements can be acknowledged from the Messages page from the navigation bar by checking the tick box underneath the text. Managers will be able to track who has acknowledged their message, who has seen it, and who is yet to see it.

Switch Accounts

Through the action button, select the drop-down option under the 'Switch Account' heading and choose the account you'd like to view.

Profile and Settings

The Profile page can be accessed in the top right corner of the Home screen through the staff picture or through the Action menu and the Profile & Settings page. Here, you can:

  • Select or take a profile picture

  • View your timeclock code

  • View the Settings page, including:

    • Change time format

    • Switch between light and dark mode

    • Change app language

    • Add a shift reminder

    • Copy your roster to a calendar app

  • View your time off/leave balances

  • Access help guides and send feedback to the Tanda team

Depending on your organisation's settings, you'll also be able to view and update:

  • Your name, phone number, and email

  • Bank details (if you were onboarded through Tanda)

  • Qualifications and their expiry dates

Uploading a Profile Photo

Team members will have the ability to set and update a profile photo through the app via the Settings page. Using the 'Edit' option, you can either take a photo or choose one from your gallery. This profile picture will be visible to other staff members and managers.

To remove a profile picture, select the 'Edit' option in settings, and select the green 'Update' button without choosing a photo. Your image will be replaced with recent clock-in photos, and will only be visible to managers.

Update your Bank Details

With the feature enabled by your organisation, you can update your Account Name, BSB, or Account Number. Any changes made will send an email confirmation to your admins, payroll officers, and yourself.

By default, some values in this page will be censored to keep your accounts secure.

Update your Qualifications

With the setting enabled by your organisation, you'll have the ability to enter or update details on your qualifications, such as your drivers licence expiry.

Make changes by selecting the pencil icon, entering the new information, and clicking the green Update button. Depending on account settings, these changes may need to be approved by a manager before being finalised in your profile.

Shift Reminders

Shift reminders will allow teams members to activate push notifications to remind them of upcoming shifts.

Team members can set multiple alerts which stack on top of each other. For example, 2 hours before your shift and then 30 minutes before your shift, you can receive a push notification.

To enable these reminders, click on your profile on the top right of the device and then select 'Shift reminders'.

Work Profile

Your personal details as they've been recorded by your organisation will appear in your profile page, including your name, email, and phone number. To change any of these details, you'll need to contact your organisation.

Depending on organisation settings, this is where you can also view and update the status of your qualifications, such as the expiry date of your drivers licence.

Add your roster to your personal calendar

You'll be able to have your roster automatically added to your phone's calendar app by selecting the Copy calendar link + option in settings. This will copy the roster as a URL to then be pasted into your calendar app.

Learn more about adding a calendar link to your phone's calendar app below:

(Note: these links will take you to the respective app's websites)

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