This guide details the different ways managers can add, or remove employee profiles from Tanda.

There are four ways to create staff profiles in Tanda:

The options can be found by bringing up the 'New Employee' portal under Workforce > Staff > '+ Add Staff':


Employee Onboarding:

Employee Onboarding sends digital forms to new employees. Tanda automatically creates employee profiles in MYOB and Xero through our integration from completed responses.

See this article for more information on employee onboarding.


Import from your Payroll & Accounting System:

To import staff details from payroll, click 'Import from', select your payroll system, and follow the prompts. If you cannot see your payroll system in the dropdown, you will need to set this up first.


Import from Excel (CSV):

Importing from CSV is the ideal if you use a payroll system which Tanda does not directly integrate with or if you have an existing Excel spreadsheet with staff details. Import the CSV and map the headers in your CSV to the fields in Tanda. If creating a list from scratch, use our excel template as a starting point.

Export from Tanda (CSV):

First, go to Tools in the Staff menu. The choose Export and Employee Data (CSV). In the CSV you're able to edit it as an excel file and update any fields you wish. Next, follow the above steps on how to import the employee data.

When importing the employee data you don't have to import every field. Choose to import the fields and columns that have changed and import the name, payroll id and email field. This way Tanda is able to match the updated fields to the existing employee profile in the account.

In this example above we have looked to import base hourly and not include the other fields we are not importing.


Add Manually:

Adding staff manually is the last resort when a profile is needed instantly, but an employee isn't available to pass on their details. By adding them manually, you can create their profile for the purposes of getting them using Tanda ASAP, and come back to fill in their details later.


Deactivate Staff:

Prior to deactivating an employee, please ensure that all of their timesheets have been exported to payroll.

Once this is complete an employee can be deactivated from their profile. This is accessed from Workforce > Staff:

And select the relevant employee to access their profile.

Once on the employee's profile, they can be deactivated by clicking the button located in the bottom right hand corner.

After you've deactivated an employee, they can still be accessed from the Deactivated Staff list. This can be found by first selecting the tools dropdown from the staff page, and clicking the Deactivated Staff option.

You can still view the historical records, timesheets and rosters of a deactivated employee.

When an employee is deactivated, certain information will still be visible if you are viewing a period that includes or precedes the employees deactivation date. Such as a roster period, timesheet period or costing report.

Reactivate Employee

If you would like to reactivate a staff member simply click on their name (when you're in Former Staff) and in their profile you will see a green Restore button in the bottom left hand corner:

You will then see this employee back in the Staff page in Tanda and they will be able to clock-in and rostered again.

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