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Connecting your Payroll System to Tanda
Connecting your Payroll System to Tanda

Connect and Integrate your Payroll System to Tanda

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Whether you're using a desktop or cloud based Payroll system, Tanda can connect to most modern accounting packages to quickly import staff, track your costing and ensure staff are paid correctly.

Connecting System

To connect your Payroll system, in Tanda go to Settings > Integration > Payroll Integrations: 

Your system won't be connected if you don't see the name of the system on this page:

To add your system, click the green + New payroll integration button in the top right corner.

Select from the list your Payroll system or click Show more at the bottom to see all other systems:

If you're using a cloud based Payroll system such as Xero or MYOB AccountRight Live, you'll be prompted to authorise your account. You'll need to enter your login details for that system (not Tanda) and click Login:

Once the authorisation is verified, you'll come back to the Integration Setup screen where you'll see the logo of the Payroll system. Click on this to check your Settings:

  • If you pay out of one company file, ensure "Applies To" is set to "Everyone". If you pay out of the two files, click + New Payroll Integration again and add the system. Within the settings, you'll then be able to select per integration which Location is linked with which file. You can setup your Locations under Workforce > Teams or by checking out the Add or Edit Location & Team article. 

  • If you use Tracking Categories in Xero, ensure the tracking category name and default option are set, otherwise leave these fields blank. 

  • If you want Tanda to automatically import new staff profiles, tick this option at the bottom and save your settings.

If you are using a desktop Payroll system such as MYOB AccountRight or Reckon, you will not need to authorise Tanda to access these systems. Simply ensure "Applies To" is set to "Everyone" to ensure Tanda can pay all staff into this file.

Disconnecting/Deleting System

Should you need to Disconnect or Delete your System Integration, come back into Settings > Integrations > click on your System. 

To Disconnect, click the inactive button.

When you go back in again you'll then see the Delete Integration button in the bottom right corner is now able to be pressed.

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