Tanda HR Legal Templates

Make use of a suite of legal templates created and maintained by employment lawyers.

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This feature is available for users on the Tanda HR plan.

Tanda's latest addition to the Contracts and Documents features offers templates prepared by employment law firm Kingston Reid to cover common workplace scenarios. Save time and ensure compliance with Tanda's maintained templates.

Enable Tanda HR Legal Templates

To enable the Tanda HR Legal Templates feature:

  1. Navigate to Workforce > Contracts & Documents

  2. Select the Tanda HR Legal Templates tab

  3. Click the Enable button

  4. Read through the Terms and Conditions of Tanda HR

  5. Confirm billing details are correct

  6. Use the checkbox to confirm you have read and agreed to the Terms & Conditions

  7. Click the Enable button to finalise

Send Tanda contract templates

Tanda's HR Legal Template contracts work the same as regular contract templates when sending them to your staff.

You can send these contracts either through Employee Onboarding or when Employment Changes occur. The type column will confirm what scenario the contract can be sent in.

Pre-built dynamic fields will need to be populated in the contracts prior to sending them to your employees. Learn how to send contracts in these two scenarios in the full Send Contracts guide.

Send Tanda documents

Tanda's HR Legal Template documents work the same as regular documents when sending them to your staff.

These documents can be sent through Employee Onboarding or when necessary to existing employees. Documents part of the Tanda HR Legal Templates cannot be added to document bundles, however multiple documents can be selected when onboarding staff or sending ad hoc.

Learn more about sending documents in the full Documents and Document Bundles guide.


Is there a charge associated with Tanda HR Legal Templates?

Yes, you can gain access to Tanda's HR Legal Templates as part of the Tanda HR for an additional $4 per user per month on top of your existing Tanda subscription. This fee provides access to a growing suite of contract templates and documents that are kept up-to-date with the law and industry requirements.

What happens if I disable my subscription to Tanda HR?

You will no longer be able to send Tanda's HR Legal contract templates and documents, however, you will still be able to access previously sent contracts and documents for record keeping.

Access this information in the Sent Contracts and Sent Document tabs of the Contracts and Documents hub.

Can I adjust any wording to the Tanda HR Legal Templates?

Templates available as part of the HR Legal Templates feature cannot be edited. The content of the templates is standardised and maintained by the Employment Law team at Kingston Reid law firm. This means if laws change, the templates you use update to reflect the changes in workplace laws.

My current Tanda subscription is billed annually, how does access to the Tanda HR work with this?

If you currently pay an annual Tanda subscription, the additional $4 per user per month will be invoiced monthly as an additional cost.

This works the same as if your employee count has exceeded the number paid for in the annual invoice.

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