This guide details the different ways to add employees Tanda.

There are four ways to add new employees in Tanda:

  1. Employee Onboarding

  2. Import from Payroll System

  3. Import from Excel (.CSV)

  4. Add Manually

All four options are found by navigating to Workforce > Staff and selecting + Add Staff

Employee onboarding

Employee onboarding collects all the required payroll information from a new employee through a simple online form. This method is the fastest way to collect and enter employment details in both Tanda and payroll software.

Once the onboarding form is complete, Tanda automatically creates employee profiles in MYOB and Xero through our integration. For other systems Tanda produces a simple report with the completed employee payroll details.

For more information about employee onboarding, see Employee Onboarding: collect personal, bank details & send digital forms to new employees.

Import from payroll software

To import staff details from your payroll software, click Import from... then select your payroll system. If you cannot see your payroll system listed in the dropdown, ensure you have connected the integration. For more details on payroll integrations see Connecting your payroll system.

Import from Excel (CSV)

To import from excel by select Import from > Excel (CSV)

Importing from CSV is the ideal if you use a payroll system which does not directly integrate with Tanda.

You can use the excel template provided. Alternatively, use the format of the CSV file exported from your payroll software provided it contains the same basic information (the columns can be in any order).

When importing from excel, you will be asked to map each column to the relevant field in Tanda.

Not all fields are required. At minimum, a staff profile requires name and email. If you use a Tanda award template, date of birth will also be required.

Add manually

To add a new employee profile manually, click +Add staff then select Add manually (Create new profile). At minimum, you will need to enter a name and email to invite the employee to Tanda.

If you create an employee profile manually you can still send employee onboarding forms from the onboarding tab on the employee profile as long as you have entered an email for the employee.

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