What is Tanda?

Tanda is an online software platform that will help your business manage its rostering, timesheets and payroll. Tanda will help you become an expert manager in your business, where you can look after all your staff, rosters and budgets.

Adjusting to Tanda

Adjusting to Tanda and changing your current processes for rosters, timesheets and leave can be a big change. Unlike traditional ways of managing these internal business processes, Tanda completely removes the need for paper, everything is available in one spot, accessed in a web browser.

No more paper

Tanda uses a tablet Time Clock that records all staff start, finish and break times and sends them straight to your online account in the form of Timesheets. The Time Clock also takes a photo of your staff when they clock-in for verification. 

Don’t worry about chasing up staff to fill-in their paper timesheets, submit their leave requests or write their unavailability on the lunchroom whiteboard. Tanda handles all of these processes and provides a clear line of communication between staff, managers and business owners.

Getting up & Running

The Admin on the Tanda account (the person who set up Tanda in your business) will invite you to use My Tanda.

You'll receive an email from Tanda where you need to accept the invitation to login. Once you've accepted, you'll set up a password and you're ready to get started:

Permission Level & Access in My Tanda

The Admin for your Tanda account will set you up with the correct level for accessing Tanda, depending on your business' policies.

There may be some restrictions placed on your access regarding seeing Pay Rates for Staff, Revenue in the Weekly Planner on the Dashboard and sending out Rosters.

You may also only be responsible for one Team, so you'll only see staff in Tanda if they're placed in that Team. Just check with your Admin if you can't see something you think you should and they can check your setup.

Features for Managers include:

Click on the links above to find out more information about this task in Tanda. 

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