To get a quick overview of how to Roster in Tanda, have a read of the Create your First Roster article. We'll go over below some tips for rostering as a Team Manager however you may want to also have a look through all our guides on Rosters if you want to delve further. 

Just keep in mind, as a Team Manager some areas in the Rosters may look a little different, depending on your business' policies for what you have access to as well. 

To access Rosters in Tanda, go to Rosters and then either select Browse Rosters to pick from previous weeks, otherwise Current Roster for this week's:

Roster Views

Located in the top left sidebar, by default the Roster is always first viewed in Week view. You can click on Day or Staff or the arrow drop-down to select other views. Have a play around with the different views to see which one you find easiest. If your access doesn't allow you to view costs, you will only see Shifts and Hours view in the drop-down:


In Locations & Teams, you will see the Teams you have access to. You can click on the filter next to each option to just view shifts with this criteria:

Copying and Templates

Tanda has some great tools for copying the roster week by week so you don't have to start from scratch. 

Copying days/weeks

You can copy all shifts on a day to any other day in that week or another week. Just click the drop-down arrow next to the end of that day and select Copy shifts between days:

To copy the whole roster to another week, click on Tools > Copy between weeks:


Your Admin may have setup a Template with all shifts already in it, otherwise you can save any roster as a Template. These options are located under Templates, you can either select Save this roster or by selecting a Template name at the top (for those already created) and then the arrow to either Apply or Edit:

You'll just need to keep in mind that any time you copy shifts or apply a Template, this will write over any shifts already created, so always apply Templates or Copying first and then edit or add in new shifts.

Shifts from other Teams

If you have an Employee who works in more than one team and you're not the Team Manager for all Teams, you'll see their shifts in other teams, however they'll be greyed out:

This is useful for knowing if your employee is already rostered on that day. If you and the other Team Manager decide to switch where the employee is working that day, the other Team Manager will need to unassign the Team on that shift so you can then edit it:


If your business has enabled Team Managers to view Costs in Tanda, in Rosters you'll see a total Roster Cost and Hours in the top right. You can also view a breakdown by day and per staff by clicking on the Costs Roster View in the left panel:

Sending out the Roster

When you're ready to let staff know abut their shifts, just click on the green Send to Staff button in the top right: (if you can't see this button, your Admin has turned off access to this function, please speak to them about this).

If Staff are rostered in more than one Team, you'll see their Team listed. When their roster is sent out, all their shifts will be sent to them:

If you need any assistance, please check with your Admin otherwise you can also contact Tanda Support, by clicking on the blue Help button in the bottom right hand corner or emailing

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