When your staff clock-in-and-out on the Time Clock, this information is sent to a Timesheet in Tanda. You can view adjust and approve timesheets in two different views, Daily or Weekly. The view you use will depend on your workflow.

Daily view just lists all the shifts grouped by each day. This is useful for managers to approve all shifts at the end of each day rather than going through staff members individual timesheets to approve.

Weekly view lists each staff members entire timesheet for the week or fortnight ( depending on your payroll frequency). This is where managers and payroll officers can go though each staff members timesheet at the end of the week, check everything is okay and export.

If managers are approving shifts using daily view, by the end of the week the entire timesheet should be approved.

To view your timesheets click on timesheets from the navigation menu. By default you will see all timesheets for the current pay period. 

Approving shifts in weekly timesheets

Click on the timesheet you wish to approve. These timesheets will list all the shifts for that pay period (week or fortnight) for an individual staff member.

Click the Approve button to approve the timesheet.

Approving shifts in daily timesheets

Approving timesheets daily is the suggested approach. To navigate to daily timesheets either select it from the navigation menu or click on it from the view toggle.

Unlike weekly / fortnightly view, daily timesheets will organise shifts for every staff member on 1 timesheet per day. For example all the shifts for wednesday will be grouped, all the shifts for thursday will be grouped etc.

You can approve shifts by clicking on the grey tick or approve all shifts for that day at once with the Approve all button. Once you are happy with your changes Save them.

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