Tanda is able to manage your staff Leave and Unavailability to make creating Rosters easier for you.

Some Leave and Unavailability functionality may be disabled in your account, so always check with your Admin (the person who created the Tanda account in your business) as to the policies for this.


Depending on the functionality enabled in your account, staff can enter their leave requests into Tanda themselves, either through the Time Clock, Employee Portal or My Tanda.  

You can send staff a link to this article Staff: How to enter Leave if they need assistance with how to enter it.


When staff apply for leave, the Admin for the account (or yourself as Team Manager as well if they have enabled this in the settings) will receive an email. Otherwise you'll see it in your Task Lisk in My Tanda: 

Click the link in the email or the Task List to go to Leave in Tanda. The request will show as Pending:

You can edit any of the fields, otherwise to accept clicked the green Approve button at the bottom. You can also Decline or Delete the request as per the relevant buttons:

Approving the Leave then sends the information to the employee's timesheet. The employee will also receive an email letting them know it has been approved, similarly if it has been declined they will also be notified.

Deleting the request does not result in any notification, you also cannot bring it back should you do this. You would just need to enter the request again.


Staff can enter unavailability on the Time Clock or App, when they're not able to work (normally for casuals), so you can keep this in mind when creating the roster. You might just need to check with the Admin on your account as to what functionality they have enabled for Unavailability, i.e if they have the App turned on in Settings. 

You can send staff a link to this article Staff: How to enter Unavailability if they need assistance with how to enter it. 

Time Clock

Staff will enter their passcode into the Time Clock and select Leave/Unavailability at the bottom, this will then automatically appear in the Unavailability Calendar for you to view. 

If Staff can only see Leave but not Unavailability on the Time Clock, it might not have been turned on in Settings in Tanda before the Time Clock was setup. To enable it, enter your passcode on the Time Clock and click Settings at the bottom > Feature Management > tick Unavailability

Unavailability App

To send out the Unavailability App, go to Workforce > Staff > Tools > Send passcodes to staff:

You can then select who you want to send it to, each link is individual to the employee, so they won't be able to share it around to other staff. 

To view the Unavailability Calendar, go to Time Off > Unavailability:

To delete an entry, click on it and press Delete. If an employee needs to update an entry, they can do so through their App link. 

If you roster on an employee when they have requested unavailability, a red flag will warn you of this. You can still roster them on, it's just a warning. 

Finally, with Unavailability, it's always best to set the expectation with Staff that it's a request, so in some instances first in best dressed applies. 

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