What is Tanda?

Tanda is an online software platform that will help the business you work for manage its rostering, timesheets and payroll. Tanda will help you get paid on time and for the correct hours, as well as giving you easy access to your timesheets and rosters. Tanda features for staff:

  • Receive your shifts by SMS/Email or on the Employee App
  • View your entire team’s roster
  • View your timesheets for the pay period
  • Request Leave
  • Let your Managers know when you're unavailable to work

How do I access Tanda?

Employees need to be sent an email invitation from a manager to access Tanda.  This email will contain the next steps to setting up your account.

Tip: Check all areas of your email inbox if you are someone who receives lots of email, you can search for 'Tanda', otherwise, check with your manager that the invitation email has been sent and that the address your employer has on file is correct.

The Tanda Time Clock

  • Clock in/out for shifts
  • Apply for leave & unavailability (if your business has turned on this functionality)

You will have received an Email and/or SMS, with your very own 4 digit Tanda Passcode. This passcode is what you will use to clock in and out of your shifts using the Time Clock (the tablet that will be stuck on the wall at your business or on a computer):

Use your 4 digit Passcode to clock in at the start of your shift and clock out at the end of the shift. You may also be required to clock in and out for your breaks, just check with your Manager.

If you haven't received your Passcode, you can try to last 4 digits of your Mobile Phone Number first (generally this is most employee's codes) otherwise please ask your Manager to send you a copy of it. You can pass on this article if they need assistance.

Employee App

  • View your Roster
  • Apply for Leave
  • Enter Unavailability

You can download the Employee App by clicking on the link at the bottom of your Roster or Passcode sent out by Email. You can also search for it in the App Store or Google Play by entering Tanda Employee:

Your Manager can either invite you to login, so just send them this article if they aren't sure how to or you can just enter your Email address and click "Forgot my password" and Tanda will send you an Email to setup a Password to login to the App. 

My Tanda 

Tanda is also accessible through a web browser (Safari/Chrome). You can login to Tanda to view your rosters & timesheets and apply for Leave or Unavailability. 

Before you can login to Tanda you will need a username (your email address) and a password. This will be setup by your employer and you'll receive a Welcome Email. You can pass on this article if they need assistance. 

Once you have your login details, visit my.tanda.co/login to login to Tanda.

Once logged in you will see Timesheets, Rosters and Time Off. Some of these options may be hidden based on the options set by your employer when setting up the Tanda account.

If you're having trouble accepting a Welcome Email or setting a Passcode please contact Tanda by clicking on the blue chat icon in the bottom right corner or support@tanda.co

The Employee Portal

You can update your missed clock-ins and apply for Leave via the Tanda Employee Portal - my.tanda.co/portal. This can be accessed on any online device including your phone, computer and tablet.

If you need any assistance with Tanda, just speak with your Manager first and they can escalate to Tanda Support should they need to or click the blue chat icon in the bottom right corner if it's urgent. 

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