This guide details how you can access your Tanda account, and troubleshooting steps if you have any issues.

Setting your password

Your employer will send you a welcome email from Tanda. Follow the steps in the invitation email to set your Password.

Tip: If you can't find the email, check spam folders and confirm with your employer the email address it has been sent to.

Downloading the Tanda Mobile App

After setting your password, you're ready to download the mobile app and start using Tanda.

Find the app for Android here or Apple here. To learn more about using the Mobile App, see Introduction to the Tanda mobile app for employees.

Using the Tanda Time Clock at your workplace

If your employer uses the Tanda Time Clock, use your Time Clock Code to clock in and out of your shifts. You can find your Time Clock code in your mobile app Me section, and in your Tanda welcome email.

Your employer may ask you to use the Tanda mobile app instead of the Time Clock to clock-in. If in doubt, confirm with your employer which method you should use.

Troubleshooting login issues

Request a password reset

If you receive an incorrect password error when attempting to log in, request a password reset email and follow the instructions in the email.

If you have issues requesting a password reset, check that the email you are using is your Tanda login email. It's possible you have registered an additional email in Tanda to receive communications, but only your Tanda login email can be used to log in.

Tip: You may need to check your junk folder. The email subject will be 'password reset instructions'.

Speak with your employer

Ask your employer for the following:

  1. To confirm which email is associated with your Tanda account and the spelling as your employer sees it in Tanda

  2. To check that your profile has the correct permissions to access Tanda and is still active

  3. Ask if your employer uses Single Sign On functionality, which may require you to use a specific work email to log in

  4. If the above steps do not resolve the issue, ask your employer to unlink your email on your Tanda profile and click Invite to Tanda to send a new invitation email

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