Before logging in for the first time, you will receive an invitation email from your employer. If you are yet to receive one be sure to check spam folders, and confirm your email address and details with your employer.

This guide details how you can access your Tanda account. For login assistance beyond this guide, please contact your employer to assist:

Step 1: Check your inbox for an invitation email from Tanda

This email contains two things:

1. A link to set your Password: use your Password + Email to log in to the Tanda Mobile App to begin receiving your roster.

2. Your Tanda Time Clock code: use this code to record your attendance at work if your employer uses the Tanda Time Clock App.

Step 2: Download the Tanda Mobile App

If you received your invitation email and set a password, you're ready to download the mobile app and start using Tanda.

Find the app for Android here or Apple here

Using the Tanda Time Clock at your workplace

If your employer uses the Tanda Time Clock, simply use your Time Clock Code to clock in and out of your shifts.

Tip: If you forget your time clock passcode, you can locate it in your mobile app.

I Have Logged into Tanda Before

If you have logged into Tanda before, there are three main causes of login issues

1. Password is incorrect

Step 1: Request a password reset email

To reset your password, request a password reset email here.

Step 2: Check your email inbox for an email from Tanda

The email subject will be 'password reset instructions'. Select the green 'Set Password' button to set your new password.

Tip: You may need to check your junk folder.

2. There are multiple email addresses associated with your account

If you completed step 1 above, this is a likely cause. This may occur if you have a work email, and personal email, or have given multiple email addresses to your employer. Your employer will be able to confirm which email is associated to your current Tanda profile.

3. Your account may be inactive

If your profile is no longer active in Tanda, you will no longer be able to login.

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