Use Tanda with multiple employers
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If you have multiple employers who use Tanda, you can use the same email with each employer. This means you can view a combined view of all your jobs, while each employer will only see information relevant to their business.

How it works

Once you have accepted your first invitation to join Tanda and set a password, each additional invitation you receive will be associated with this login - provided you use the same email address for each account.

On the Tanda mobile app, your multiple jobs will be separated. When accessing Tanda in a web browser, you will be able to switch between each employer to see the relevant information for each job.

Viewing multiple jobs on the Tanda mobile app

To access your roster, leave requests, and other features between different jobs, toggle between the two organisations through the action menu. If you have different time clock passcodes at each employer, you can view the passcodes in your Profile for each location.

Viewing multiple jobs when using Tanda in a web browser

When you access Tanda in a web browser at, you will see information from one employer at a time. To switch between your Tanda account for each employer, hover over your profile icon and select Switch Accounts as shown below.

FAQ's and Troubleshooting

Does the employer need to do anything to allow an employee to combine multiple accounts?

There is nothing an employer needs to do. The employee can be invited as usual and there are no other steps required.

My accounts haven't combined, what should I check?

Check the below:

  1. Check that you are using the same login email address for Tanda at each employer. (Your login email is the email you would use to log in to your mobile app or online at

  2. You will still need to open the invitation email from your employer and click 'set password' as shown below for each additional account you are invited to join. This step is what combines the accounts, if you have not accepted each invitation, the accounts will not be combined

You can confirm your accounts have combined correctly by hovering on your profile icon, and selecting Switch Accounts. Here you should see each account that you have accepted an invitation to.

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