Deactivate a staff profile
Terminate, remove or deactivate staff
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Deactivating an employee profile removes access for the employee and moves their profile to a separate deactivated staff list. You can still access the timesheet, roster, and leave history for deactivated staff.

How to deactivate a staff profile

Profiles can be deactivated manually on the employee profile, or you can schedule a future date for the profile to be automatically deactivated.

Deactivate a profile manually

  1. Navigate to Workforce > Staff and open the employee profile

  2. Click the deactivate profile button located on the bottom right of the staff profile

Schedule automatic deactivation

  1. Navigate to Settings > Notifications & Tasks > Automatically Deactivate Staff and turn on this task

  2. Add an employment end date on the payroll tab of the employee profile

  3. The employee profile will deactivate automatically at 11 pm on the employment end date

Admin users are excluded from automated deactivation processes as access control. Admin accounts need to be deactivated by another account Admin.

What happens to deactivated profiles

  • Future rostered shifts will become vacant, while already worked shifts will stay on the roster to help you with record keeping

  • Tanda access via all portals including the employee Time Clock is removed

  • Timesheets can still be exported to your payroll software for a deactivated staff member

  • After you've deactivated an employee's profile you will still be able to view them within the Deactivated Staff list. You can find this by clicking on the Tools drop-down in the Staff page. Here you will see all of your deactivated (former) staff. When an employee is listed under Deactivated staff, you can still view their existing rosters and timesheets for historical records.

Reactivate Employee

To reactivate a staff member, navigate to the deactivated staff list via Workforce > Staff > Tools > Deactivated staff and click their name to open the deactivated profile. In their profile you will find the deactivate button is replaced with a green Restore button in the bottom left-hand corner:

Reactivating will add this employee back to the Staff page in Tanda as an active employee.

Note: Ensure that the employment end date is removed from the payroll tab to avoid further automatic profile deactivation.

FAQ's and Troubleshooting

Should I deactivate a profile before exporting their timesheets or after?

You can still export timesheets for a deactivated employee. This means you can deactivate their profile on the day they cease employment and you will still be able to export their last pay run to your payroll software.

Can I permanently delete a profile rather than deactivate them?

Deactivating the staff profile will have the same effect as deletion, however, there will always be a record of that employee profile having existed. To ensure the security of your data, there is no button to completely delete an employee profile. Staff on the deactivated list are not charged for use and won't interfere with how you use Tanda.

Why can't I see the Deactivated staff list?

If you can't see deactivated employees, it indicates that your current platform role lacks the necessary permissions for that specific access. If you require access to this page, please contact your system administrator directly.

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