My Shifts

All team members will be able to access information about their personal shifts in the app. 

Under the Overview Tab, the team member’s next upcoming shift will be displayed; while all other rostered shifts are located under the Work Tab. Swipe left and right to see past and future shifts. 

Full Roster

Managers can view the full roster by tapping the blue button - View Full Roster on the Work Tab. Mangers will be able to see shifts for all team they manage. Whereas Team Members only have access to the full roster for all teams they are part of. 

For Managers with access to multiple Tanda accounts, use the menu at the top of the screen to switch between rosters.  

Shift Creation

Allows managers to create roster/schedule a single shift for an employee. To do this, go to Work > click the 'Action Button' below. 

Next, select the employee > location and team (only the applicable ones for the selected employee) > add start and end time > add shift notes > Publish:

Note: Managers can browse by the availability of the staff. those with a shift clash or other unavailability will be listed as such, so there’s no guesswork needed in creating a shift.

Shift Editing 

Managers can edit future shifts that have been published directly in the Mobile App. On the Full Roster view, Managers can open a Team Member’s shift and using the pencil icon (in the top right corner), edit the following: 

  • The date; as well as start and end time

  • The team (if the team member can work in multiple teams)

  • Shift details (if used at that location)

All roster changes made via the Mobile App will be visible in the new roster edit history functionality. Team Members will receive a push notification to let them know of any changes. 

Shift Replacements

Make adjustments on the go with Shifts Replacements. Replacement for a shift can be requested by a Team Member or initiated by a Manager.

Replacement Requests from Team Members 

When a Team Member requests a replacement, Mangers are notified via push notification. To view more details and action, head to the Overview tab. 

For Team members initiated replacement, Managers can then do one of three things: 

  • Decline the shift swap request and the team member keeps the shift.

  • Offer the shift to selected team members

  • Offer the shift to all team members (who can work in that team)

When offered to selected or all team members, this shift will appear in their Overview Tab under Available Shifts, where they are able to put their hand up for the shift. 

A manager is kept updated on the progress of each shift swap request:

  • If no team members have responded to cover the shift, you can send reminder push notifications as well as remove the request. 

The manager has complete control over choosing which team member they would like to cover the shift:

A manager will be notified of ‘good fits’ who have offered to cover the shift and can approve a suitable replacement for the pool of applicants. A good fit is someone who is: 

  • Available

  • Can work in that team 

  • Costs the same (or less) 

  • Other applicants will also be shown to the manager. 

  • Roster validations are shown throughout the swapping process, as well as changes in rostered costs and hours if applicable. 

Once actioned, the team member swapping the shift and the new team member now working the shift are notified of the change via push notification in the App. The roster is automatically updated in Tanda. 

Replacement Request Initiated by Manager

A Manager can also initiate a replacement on behalf of Team Members.  

On the Full Roster view, open the shift that the team member can no longer work and click on the ‘can’t work’ button at the bottom of the screen.

A manager can then choose whether to offer the shift to specific team members or all staff. From here, it follows the same workflow as when actioning a Team Member Replacement.

Contact Team Members

Managers can contact team members via phone call or SMS directly from the Tanda App (if their phone number is in Tanda).

From the Work Tab, click on View Full Roster and open the shift of the team member you want to contact. 

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