There are different ways to let you staff apply for Time Off. They can apply it through their Employee app, Time Clock, or their online account through My Tanda.

Employee App
To read what our mobile app is about, check this article out. If you don't have the app yet, click this link to download.


This can be entered on the Employee App by going to the Me icon at the bottom. Then, tap Leave. Here you'll see any previous Leave requests, but to enter a new Leave request click the plus icon in the top right corner.

You'll then see your Leave Request as Pending and your Manager will receive a notification. You can see the status of the leave request by tapping the Leave page.


Enter the times you aren’t available to work, for example University class or School. Unavailability is used by your Manager when they're creating Rosters.
This also needs the approval of your Manager. 

My Tanda
Go to Time Off > Requests to control all Time Off requests in Tanda. To enter a Leave request here, click on the green + New Time Off Request button in the top right corner and choose the correct time off type:

  • Select the start and end date. If the weekend should not be included and you're entering say 2 weeks, it's best to enter two leave requests; one for one week and another for the second week. 

  • The Hours will automatically populate based on the default leave request length found in the General Settings. By default this will populate as 7.6 hours but can be changed in the Settings or manually in the Leave request by entering another figure. This might be done if you're entering a half day Leave. If it will be for the whole day, tick the box for 'All day'

  • Select the Type of Leave.  If you can't see a the Leave type, check the heading at the bottom under Common Issues. 

  • Next, you can optionally enter a Team for the Leave, add a Document and a Reason.

  • When you're finished, just click the green Submit Leave Request button and wait for your Manager's approval.

You can also apply it through your timesheet. Check out this article to find out how.

Time Clock
If the leave option is not yet enabled in the time clock, check this article. Once its enabled, staff can now apply.

1. Enter your passcode into the Time Clock as an employee / admin / anyone

2. Tap on the Settings menu

3. Tap on Enter Leave 

4. Follow the prompts to submit leave

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