Next, in the Setup Checklist is adding your staff. You can access this by clicking on the Add staff button in the Checklist:

When you first signed up, you may have selected your Payroll/Accounting software. If this is a product that Tanda has a Live API connection with, it may have imported your staff automatically.

If this is the case, you should see a list of your staff in the My Team page that you have been directed to by clicking on Add staff.

If you didn't link your system or your staff didn't import, you can follow these steps:

Link System

In the right-hand corner of your account click on the Settings cog > Add-ons > Payroll & Accounting:

If there's no Payroll/Accounting system listed, click on + Add payroll integration and follow the prompts.

Tanda looks for new staff every hour and will automatically import their details. If your staff didn't import previously or you ever need to push this update, you can do so under the My Team page that you were in before.

Push import staff

To push the staff import immediately, go to Staff > My Team:

On the right, click on + Add Staff and select Import from...and then your Live System:

You will see a summary of staff imported who will then display in your My Team page.

Importing Staff (non-Live systems)

For all other Accounting/Payroll systems, Tanda has instructions on how extract this data in a report from your system and then upload it into Tanda. 

This can be found in the following Help Articles.

Adding staff manually

If you need to add in your staff yourself to Tanda, you can do so by clicking on the green + Add Staff button and Add Manually:

Putting Staff in Locations/Teams

Once you have your staff in Tanda, you can assign them to the Locations/Teams that you setup in the first step.

There's a couple of ways you can do this: Team Setup, individual profile or bulk categorise:

Team Setup

Where you added your Location/Team information, under Staff > My Team > click on one team name. Under Staff/Managers click to select relevant staff, ensuring you click Update Team Details at the bottom to save:

Individual Profile

Under Staff > My Team > click on an individual employee's name to go to their profile. In the first tab, Personal on the right you can allocate the Location/Team under Member of teams. For Managers, click Team Manager under Permissions and allocate the Team. Ensure you click Update Employee Details button at the bottom to save. Repeat this process for all staff. 

Bulk Categorise 

This is located under Staff > My Team > on the right side, select Tools > Bulk categorise staff:

Select the staff you want to put in the first Location or Team, scroll down and allocate them to those areas and then click the blue Add Teams or Tags to save. You can keep categorising as many times as you need to, to allocate all your staff to their Locations/Teams. 

The next step in the Setup Checklist is to build your first roster. 

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