This article explains the different tools and features for part time compliance in Tanda. If you have 'mutual agreement to variation of contract hours' stipulated in your industrial agreements then these features are for you.

Read on to learn how to create regular hours on employee profiles, use shift acceptance, view roster flags and have award interpretation for variation to contract hours.

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Create Regular Hours

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Regular hours can be created individually in an employees profile or or in bulk (via CSV upload) for a number of employees at once:

Individually created on the employees profile

  • Select Workforce, then click on Staff

  • Click on an employee's name to go to their profile

  • Select the Regular Hours tab

Regular Hours of work for an employee may be their contracted hours. For instance, if your employee's contract stipulates that the employee will work regular shifts throughout the week. Read here how to configure the rest of the employee's profile for payroll.

Bulk upload/management

To upload regular hours for a number of employees at once:

  • Select Workforce, then clock on Staff

  • Click Tools, then Manage Regular Contract Hours

After downloading our CSV template, replace the examples in the CSV with your employees regular hours of work. Once complete upload the file back into Tanda.

Note: For the remaining features to be configured in your account, please contact our Tanda Support Team ( and ask for PPT Compliance Features to be turned on.


Rostering to Regular Hours

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First, ensure that Shift Acknowledgement Feature flag is turned on. You're able to turn this on by:

  • Hovering over your initials in the top right corner menu

  • Click on Feature Management

  • Ensure Shift Acknowledgement is turned on

Once PPT Compliance Features have been configured by a Tanda staff member. Any employee's with regular hours of work will now show with warnings on the roster.

Managers will be able to then view what that employee's regular hours are and if there are any variations.

You are also able to create shifts from regular hours.


Mutual Agreement of Regular Hours via Shift Acceptance

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With the Shift Acknowledgement feature turned on, now any employee's that have rostered shifts outside their regular hours of work are able to accept this variation to contract hours through an email or mobile app.

Note: When publishing a roster, there will be an option for Shift Acknowledgement, this is only to be used when there are casual staff and you want them to accept or decline one of their shifts.

If there are any shifts for an employee with regular hours that are not on the roster, these shifts can be chosen to be automatically generated when publishing the roster.

Once published employee's with variation to regular hours will receive an email or push notification in the mobile app to accept variation to regular hours.

Read on to learn how to report on employee's accepting or declining variation to contract hours.


Reporting on Mutual Agreement

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You are able to view Shift Acceptance and Shift Acknowledgement from either the roster or an employee profile.

To view in the roster:

  • Go to Current Roster

  • Click on Tools on the left hand side

  • Click on Shift Acceptance

To view on the employee profile you can either click on View Schedules on the above screenshot. Or follow these steps:

  • Go to Workforce

  • Click on an employee's name to take you to their profile

  • Click on Rosters on the left hand side menu

Managers will also receive an email once a day each morning for each location they manage about what shifts have been accepted or not accepted.


Award Interpretation for Outside Regular Hours

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If an employee either works past their regular hours of work, have not accepted or have declined a variation to regular hours then Tanda can automatically apply award interpretation to help ensure your business is compliant.

To create or edit custom award rules for outside of Regular Hours:

Once the rule is created employees who have not mutually agreed to variation in contracted hours will have the award interpretation apply to their new shifts.

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