The regular hours of work on the employee profile store an employees contracted hours of work. Regular hours of work are used for the following:

Entering Regular Hours of Work

Navigate to Workforce > Staff and open the employee profile.

On the Regular Hours tab of the employee profile, click Edit Regular Hours.

Regular hours can be entered over any number of weeks. For example, an employee might work a two week cycle with different hours in each week.

FAQ & Troubleshooting

How do I change the 'Current Applying Period'

The current applying period is as a reference point for deciding how to order your weeks if you have more than one. There is no need to match this date to your pay period start date. Once set, this field cannot be changed - if you change your pay periods, simple re-order the times you have entered to match the new order. For example, you might need to switch the hours from the second week to the first week.

What's the difference between regular hours of work and the roster?

The regular hours of work is part of the employee profile. These shift times won't appear on the roster, unless you build shifts on the roster.

Who should use regular hours of work?

Use regular hours of work for permanent employees when you need to keep a record of guaranteed start and finish times.

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