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Configure employee contract hours (regular hours of work)
Configure employee contract hours (regular hours of work)

Use Regular Hours to store employees contracted hours of work.

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Recent Changes:

Recent Changes have updated the RHW to be attached to the "Pay Conditions" of a employee. This means that when updating a employees RHW you can enforce the start date of the changes. this will allow:

  • Scheduling of changes to RHW

  • The acceptance of changes to RHW through Tandas contracts Feature

  • Accurate record keeping of RHW changes over time.

The regular hours of work on the employee profile store an employee's contracted hours of work. Regular hours of work are used for the following:

Entering Regular Hours of Work

Navigate to Workforce > Staff and open the employee profile.

On the Pay Conditions & Regular Hours tab of the employee profile, click Make a Change:

When the pay conditions change model is opened you can opt to change the regular hours of work via the "Edit Regular hours" Button.

Regular hours can be entered over any number of weeks. For example, an employee might work a two-week cycle with different hours in each week.

Once the teams, start times, finish times and breaks have been added for each of the employees regular shifts you can select Done.

Once the RHW have been updated (and assuming any changes made to the users pay conditions have also been made) you can go ahead and chose when these changes should take effect.

By default the date for the changes will be set to the start of the current pay period, but by selecting "Yes" in response to "Changes will apply from the start of this pay period (Date) Choose an alternative date?" you can pick the date in which the Pay Conditions & RHW will update for.

In addition you can opt to notify the employee of the changes and select contract/s & documents to send.

Adding Rostered Days Off

For part time and full time staff that take a specific day off each roster period, this information can be added to their Regular Hours of Work as a Rostered Day Off (RDO).

To add an RDO to an employee's profile, navigate to the Regular Hours tab of the employee profile and click Edit Regular Hours. On the Regular Hours of Work panel, click the + symbol and then the option to Add Rostered Day Off.

By default, RDOs must be a full 24 hours, and so only the Start time can be edited - the finish time will be updated to match automatically. If no time is assigned, the start and finish will default to 00:00 - 00:00.

💡Tip: For organisations that automatically build rosters from regular hours, any RDOs added to an employee's Regular Hours of Work will be automatically created in the roster.

Bulk Uploading Regular Hours of Work

Navigate to Workforce > Staff and open Tools > Manage.

On the Regular Hours tab of the employee profile, click Edit Regular Hours.

A Regular Hours of work upload file (.csv) can be created from scratch using the Template, however it is recommended you work from the regular hours already in Tanda using the Regular Hours Download option.

From here, following the in-product instructions you can update the files fields as required. Once completed upload the file into Tanda.

*Name, Passcode, Start Date, Week, Day, Type, Start and End are all required fields.

Note: Updating RHW in bulk will update the current pay conditions & will not create a new contract.

FAQ & Troubleshooting

How do I change the 'Current Applying Period'

The current applying period is as a reference point for deciding how to order your weeks if you have more than one. There is no need to match this date to your pay period start date. Once set, this field cannot be changed in Product - There are two methods to work around this:

If you change your pay periods, simply re-order the times you have entered to match the new order. For example, you might need to switch the hours from the second week to the first week.

The .csv file can be amended using the steps in this guide. Changing the Start Date field will allow you to upload a new start date for an employee's regular hours of work.

What's the difference between regular hours of work and the roster?

The regular hours of work is part of the employee profile. These shift times won't appear on the roster, unless you build shifts on the roster.

Who should use regular hours of work?

Use regular hours of work for permanent employees when you need to keep a record of guaranteed start and finish times.

Do staff need to agree to their RHW?

While staff can sign a contract associated to their RHW if a emplouee does not agree when prompted the RHW scheduled will still apply. Managing these unsigned contracts will need to be managed manually. You can however sort "sent contracts" by "unsigned" to easily find which employees to follow up.

If I used quickbuild from RHW and have Scheduled RHW - Which will it use?

"Quickbuild from RHW" will use the RHW that is current for the period that is getting built.

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