A quick guide on managing requests and leave balances to ensure you can approve, edit and delete leave requests, whilst you keep track of employee leave balances:

Managing Requests:


Staff Request Leave

Depending on your business policies, you may have elected to allow staff to enter their own Leave requests. They can do this through the Employee App or My Tanda. You can send staff this article on Leave if they need help.


If staff request Leave themselves, the following notifications will come through to let you know:

Task List

On the Dashboard, under your Task List you will see a Leave request to be approved. Click on the link to go to the request to action:


You can also check requests by going to Time Off > Requests:


Once a day Tanda sends a time off digest email. This email will detail any new or updated leave requests or unavailability entries.

You can choose who should receive these email notifications in your settings. Settings > General Settings > Time Off tab > Notifications

Entering Leave requests

Managers and Admins can also enter Leave directly into Tanda, either for themselves or on behalf of staff.
Employees can also request leave themselves using the Tanda App. This can be enabled or disabled in your organisation settings.


Leave can be accessed on the Timesheet by clicking on the plane icon at the end of shift rows. Check out the Timesheets: Leave article for more information.


Go to Time Off > Requests to control all Time Off requests in Tanda. To enter a Leave request here, click on the green + New Time Off Request button in the top right corner and choose the correct time off type:

  • Select from the drop-down box the relevant Employee.
  • Select the Type of Leave. If you can't see a Leave type for the relevant employee, check the heading at the bottom under Common Issues.
  • Select the Start and End Date.
  • The Hours will automatically populate based on how you have set up Autofill Leave in General Settings. If you have not set this up, by default leave will populate as 7.6 hours per day. We recommend using fill from Regular Hours as this will be closest to the employee's Ordinary Hours that you need to pay.
  • If needed, click Edit Breakdown to make any needed adjustments and to check the daily breakdown is correct. You can also adjust and assign Teams here.
  • If you are filling leave requests from the Roster, you can choose what to do with the existing rostered shifts. You can Keep them, which leaves them on the roster, Vacate them, or Delete them.
  • Next, you can optionally add a Document and a Reason.
  • When you're finished, just click the green Create and Approve button and the Leave will be approved and appear in the Approved tab.

Pending Leave Tab

Leave requests entered by an employee will come through to the Pending tab. You can either Approve or Decline the leave by pressing the relevant button in the bottom right corner. Alternatively, if it was entered by accident you can delete it by pressing Delete Request in the top right corner.

If you have Autofill Leave set up in General Settings, the leave request will reflect the employee's Regular Hours of Work or their roster. This will automatically remove any hours for days that the employee doesn't work, such as weekends.

Before approving, you can check and edit the Leave request by clicking in the relevant fields to update if needed.

Click 'Edit breakdown':

If you are filling from roster, you must check that the leave request only includes ordinary hours (e.g. does not include hours the employee would not have worked or that would have been overtime). For this reason we recommend filling from Regular Hours of Work.

Once done, you can see the request in the Approved or Declined tabs. If the request was deleted, it will no longer show in the account.

Approved Tab

Once Leave is approved, it moves to this tab:

Even though it is approved, you still have the following functionality:

  • Edit the leave by Admins & Managers until it is exported to your Payroll software. It will show in grey to show it is locked at which time you'll have to unlock the Timesheet to make a change or make the changes straight to your Payroll system.
  • To edit, simply click in the relevant section and enter the adjustments.
  • Attach a document if the employee didn't originally attach one to the request.
  • You can still Decline/Delete by clicking the relevant button just above the request, at the right far end.
  • You can also click the drop-down arrow to the right of the employee's name to View History of the leave request, send the employee an Email about the request or View the Timesheet where this Leave shows:

Declined Tab

You can select Decline either in Pending or Approved Leave tabs. You will be prompted to include a reason to include in the email notification to the employee. For Pending leaves, it will look like this:

For already Approved Leave, you can decline here:

You can also opt not to send an email to the employee (this can be useful if the leave was entered by a Manager incorrectly and the employee doesn't need to be notified).

Click the red Decline leave request button to action. You can also click Cancel at the bottom if this was in error.

Once you've actioned the request, it will show under the Declined tab. Once the Leave is declined, you won't be able to edit or bring it back.

If there are any changes that allows you to approve the leave, you need to enter the details again in another request.

Leave Tools

In the main Leave screen, you can click on Tools in the top right corner for some further functionality:

  • Old Unavailability: This will give you the old unavailability calendar wherein its exclusively for unavailability only
  • Subscribe to Leave Calendar: gives you a URL link to copy and paste in your Email system
  • Export Leave to .CSV: exports what is currently on screen, so if you're in the Approved tab and have Leave from the past year and click Export, this information will export into CSV where you can open in Excel
  • View Leave types: this is a shortcut to Payroll > Leave Types where your Leave setup is configured.
  • Leave Balances: Allows you to download the leave balances or import it here in Tanda through an excel format.

Leave on Timesheets

Once you've added and approved Leave, it will then show as approved on Timesheets ready to be exported to your Payroll system. You can check how Leave shows on Timesheets by looking at the following article and that you have set it up correctly by checking out the Payroll Configuration: Leave article.

Common Issues

If you can't select an employee name's or type of Leave for an employee, check the following:

  • Check in Payroll > Leave Types > for the Applies to for the Leave types you have setup:

Under Applies to, check which classification of staff are eligible for the Leave. If you're missing one, click on the Name of the Leave to edit under Applies to, select the missing classification, i.e Full Time, Part Time, Salaried. Then go back into the Leave request and you should be able to select the employee.

  • You can also check the employee's profile by going to Workforce > Staff > click on the employee's name > Payroll tab and check their classification. If they're not classified as a type that matches with the Leave, change this on their profile and save.

Leave Balances:


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Keeping employee leave entitlements up to date is important when it comes to making decisions around who can and should take time off throughout the year.

Tanda can hold a leave entitlement in the system for each employee by leave type, and display these balances when employees are applying for leave and managers are approving leave requests.

Live Payroll Systems

If you're using a Live payroll system such as Xero or MYOB (Australia Only), Tanda will automatically import the balances held in these systems into your account. If you're using a Desktop based payroll system, or leave balances cannot currently be imported from your Live payroll system, read on to see how Tanda can manage these balances in your account instead.

Setting up Your Opening Balances

If you do not currently have leave balances for staff in your account, you will want to import opening balances (in hours). You can do this via CSV upload or by opening balances in an individual employee's profile.

To import opening balances for your staff in bulk, navigate to Time Off > Leave. Under the tools section, select Leave Balances.

Download the CSV template and fill out the opening balances for each of your staff.

For any leave types which you don't hold balances for, leave these blank.

If you have kept track of your staff's leave balances up until a certain date, you can also enter the date, at which point Tanda will then do the rest of the math (adding accrued hours from worked times/deducting taken holidays). If you've kept updated balances to current day, simply leave the date selector blank:

Upload the template into your account, and Tanda will assign these balances to your staff. From here, Tanda will begin to track your leave balances as requests are approved or amended.

Adjusting Balances

If at any time you need to adjust the balance held for your staff in Tanda, you can do this in their profile by selecting Leave from the Profile drop-down menu under Workforce > Staff:

Under the Leave Balances header, click on the leave balance you wish to change, and amend the number of hours held in the system for them:

Recalculating Balances through the Employee Profile

If you are required to recalculate a balance for an individual employee, you can do so via their staff profile > 'Leave Requests':

By selecting the 'Recalculate Leave' button, the following form will open:

The form requires the following information:

Leave Type: The 'Leave Type' to recalculate balances for

Incoming Balance: The Starting Balance or (total) entitlement

Correct at Date: The date in which the Starting balance is/was correct at

When pressing the 'Recalculate Leave' button, the recalculation will:

  • Recalculate Leave for the selected 'Leave Type'
  • Use the 'Correct at Date' as the balance starting date and deduct any approved leave from this date
  • Use the 'Correct at Date' as the balance starting date add any accrued leave from approved shifts from this date
  • Observe adjustments made to the leave type (e.g accrual rate) and include these in the recalculation from the 'Correct at' date
  • Replace the users existing balance with the recalculated amount

Please note:

  • An employee must hold a balance of the Leave Type to be able to initiate a recalculation.
  • Recalculations made through the employee profile cannot be undone. However, the recalculation will be recorded on the Leave Balance Audit Trail as a Modification made by the user who initiated the recalculation.

This tool is used as an alternative to recalculating balances by uploading the Leave Balance CSV (as mentioned above).

How Are Balances Tracked?

Tanda will deduct the number of hours from a leave request once it is approved by a manager. Approved leave requests that are amended, or rejected are also taken in to account when calculating the amount of leave remaining in the system.

You can also make sure that the leave balances don't go below 0. Click here to read our article about it.

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