Staff apply for leave and unavailability through the Employee app, or online at

  • Leave is used to request specific periods of time off work. For example, Annual Leave, or Personal Leave. A leave request is required for each period of leave you apply for

  • Unavailability is used to enter times when you are unavailable to work. You can nominate the same times each week on a repeating basis with a single leave unavailability request

How to apply for leave

  • On the mobile app, navigate to the Me icon and select Leave

  • To enter a new Leave request click the ' + ' icon in the top right corner

Complete your leave request by following the steps below:

  1. Select a leave type

  2. (Optional) enter a leave reason

  3. Keep 'All day' selected if your leave request is for whole days, or toggle 'All day' off if you would like to select specific times as shown below in step 7

  4. Select the dates you are requesting leave for

  5. (Optional) the estimated total hours of your leave request is shown. If you would like to request a different amount, you can edit this number. Managers will see both your suggested number and Tanda's suggested number when they receive your request

  6. (Optional) upload a picture. This is useful if you need to provide any form of evidence or document such as a medical certificate

After clicking Submit, your manager is notified of the leave request. You can check back to the leave page on your app to see if the leave request has been approved.

How to confirm unavailability

Unavailability helps managers to build rosters by seeing the times you're unavailable to work. The unavailability form looks similar to the leave form, but you can confirm times that repeat each week.

In a web browser

Both leave and unavailability can also be entered by logging in online at

  • Log in to your Tanda account at

  • To enter a Leave or unavailability request, navigate to Leave > Requests

  • Click on the green + New Leave Request button in the top right corner and select Leave or Unavailability

  • Follow the same steps detailed in the Leave section of this article

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