If you recently started with Tanda or you have joined an organisation using Tanda, here is a Starter Kit that will get you up to speed.

Guides for Payroll Administrators. The main things someone taking over payroll needs to know is functionally how Tanda connects and interacts with Payroll applications, how to process pays, and how to troubleshoot errors. The below guides answer these questions:

Guides for the Rostering Managers. The video guides located inside the account are a good starting point for new managers. New managers will need to understand:

Guides for the Financial Reporters. The most relevant areas of Tanda relate to reporting, details here. The reports in Tanda contain more granular and contextual detail than payroll reports as you can work back through the source data that constitutes the report (e.g. by clicking on the team when looking at the costs by team report, which will bring up the employees that make up that team, then selecting the employee to see the times that make up their costs).

Play around with the application by logging in to Tanda Staging. This is a test environment where you can try out different app functionalities without affecting your live account. Log in with your Tanda credentials, and then you'll see a copy of your account with information as accurate as yesterday.

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