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Using Tanda Managed Award Templates
Payroll Configuration: Preparing for payroll on a Managed Award
Payroll Configuration: Preparing for payroll on a Managed Award

Configure Managed award Template, setup Employee's for payroll, and integrate the template with payroll

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This guide details process of setting up your Tanda account in preparation for payroll when using a Tanda Modern Award Template.

Tanda Modern Award Templates are pre-configured pay rules containing the main rules of common Australian Modern Industry Awards.

To see a full list of which Modern Awards are available as templates, navigate to the Compliance tab in your Tanda account, and click Apply Template.

Enable a Modern Award Template

To enable a Tanda Modern Award Template, navigate to Compliance > Award Template > Apply Template

You will see a list of available Modern Award Templates.

Click Enable on a Modern Award Template to enable it in your account.

Classify Staff

Modern Award Template rules can be applied to employees individually on each employee profile, or you can also bulk add awards to employee to save time.

To bulk add employees to a Modern Award Template:

Navigate to the Compliance tab.

In the Award Template section, click Manage on the relevant Award:

Click Add Staff:

If your Tanda account only has one modern award applied you will see the option to apply the modern award to all staff in your account by clicking 'All staff are on the same award':

Or if more than one modern award is enabled in your account, select the correct award for each employee. Note: for employees not covered by an Award, select 'Custom Payroll Setup':

Once a selection has been made for each employee, click Apply Awards.

The next screen will direct you to select the Employment Type and Classification/Level for each employee covered by the Award:

Tips for adding staff to a Modern Award Templates:

  • Salaried staff will be assigned to the Salaried Employment Type but won't have a Level. For more information on how Tanda manages Salaried employees, see Salaried Staff

  • If you can't see a Classification or Level type that you need to apply, some Awards contain descriptions for each level, for example, you might know Level 3 as 'Trade Qualified'. To confirm the correct levels, refer to your Modern Award document on the Fair Work Ombudsman website

  • If you pay an employee a rate higher than the Award, still classify them under the respective employment type and level. See How to pay employees a higher rate than the Modern Award rate for details on how to pay higher than the award

Integrate Your Template with Payroll

  • Navigate to Compliance.

  • Click 'Manage' next to the relevant template in the Active Awards section

  • Payroll Integration you will see either of the below - this depends on which payroll system you have integrated:

    • A button to Connect payroll systems and start syncing automatically, or

    • A button to Get a generic configuration report

For Xero and MYOB

Tanda automatically integrates these pay rules through the integration. You will see Connect payroll systems and start syncing automatically.

For further details on how Tanda integrates Modern Award Templates to MYOB and Xero, see:

For other payroll systems

Tanda generates a report containing the rules you will require in your payroll system that match the rules of Tanda's Modern Award Template.

To access the report, navigate to Time & Attendance > Compliance and select your award template from the Modern Award section. In the Modern Award template setting syou will find the Configure for Payroll button.

  • Click the button to open a report which you can use to match the award names in Tanda and your payroll system

  • You can change the export name in Tanda to match the naming conventions in your payroll system

Note: Some payroll systems have specific guides in the Payroll & Accounting Integrations section of the Help Centre.

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