Employees and managers will see leave balances when applying for leave, or approving leave requests:

Holding leave balances in Tanda is optional.

Tip: to configure who can see leave balances, and which balances are displayed see managing leave types.

Where does the leave balance come from?

Option 1: Sync from Payroll Software (most common method)

Option 2: Calculate in Tanda

Use if your payroll software is capable of holding leave balances.

Use if your payroll software is not capable of holding leave balances.

Option 1: Sync balances from payroll software

How it works

  • The balance held on an employee profile updates when a the leave balance in payroll software is adjusted. Usually this will be each time payroll is processed, resulting in a change to the employee leave balance.

  • Future leave applications within Tanda are factored in on the balance displayed to employees.

Syncing balances

Some payroll software will sync automatically via the integration, including:

  • Xero (Australia)

  • MYOB AccountRight Live

  • MYOB Essentials

  • Sage Micropay (Web API enabled)

For all other payroll systems, the sync options are:

  1. Import a file to Tanda containing the balances from your payroll software each pay run

  2. Hold leave balances only in your payroll system

Option 2: Accrue leave in Tanda

Use this method if your payroll software does not have the ability to hold leave balances.

Importing starting balances

  1. Navigate to Leave > Requests > Tools > Leave Balances

  2. Download the CSV template and fill out the opening balances for each of your staff. For any leave types which you don't hold balances for, leave these blank.

  3. (Optional) Enter the date these leave balances are accurate to (Tanda will automatically calculate any additional leave accrued since that date). If you've kept updated balances to current day, leave the date selector blank.

  4. Upload the CSV. From this point forward, the balances will be visible on the employee profile

Manually editing leave balances

Leave balances can be manually edited on the employee profile under Workforce > Staff:

Under the Leave Balances header, click on the leave balance you wish to change, and amend the number of hours held in the system for them:

Recalculating leave balances

The recalculate leave tool is an alternative to recalculating balances by uploading the Leave Balance CSV.

The leave calculation:

  • Deducts any approved leave from the 'Correct at Date'

  • Accrues leave from approved shifts from the 'Correct at Date'

  • Replace the users existing balance with the recalculated amount

Recalculations take place on the employee profile > 'Leave Requests':

By selecting the 'Recalculate Leave' button, the following form will open:

  • Leave Type

  • Incoming Balance: The balance at the 'correct at date'

  • Correct at Date: The date in which the incoming balance was correct at


  • An employee must hold a balance of the Leave Type to be able to initiate a recalculation. If the balance is '0', a zero would still need to be entered as the balance

  • Recalculations cannot be undone. However, the recalculation will be recorded on the Leave Balance Audit Trail as a modification made by the user who initiated the recalculation

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