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Completing Employee Onboarding

Learn how to complete Tanda's employee onboarding

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Organisations can invite staff to use Tanda and collect important banking, tax, and superannuation details through Employee Onboarding. This guide details how staff can enter these details and access the Tanda mobile app for the first time.

To learn how to send an Onboarding Invitation, see the Send an Employee Onboarding Invitation guide.

Receiving your welcome email

You will receive your invitation to use Tanda through the email you supplied to your employer.

This email will:

  • Be sent from 'Tanda for (employer's business name)'

  • Have the subject line 'You've been invited to use Tanda'

  • Contain the steps to create your password and download the Tanda app

You'll only receive this email once your employer has sent the invitation on their end. If the email doesn't appear in your inbox:

  • Check your junk/spam folders

  • Confirm with your employer that they have sent the invitation to the correct email

Set your password

The first step of the email you received will be to set your password.

Click the Set Password button on the email to do so.

Once you click the link, you'll be prompted to:

  • Create a password (minimum 9 characters)

  • Confirm your password

  • Read, acknowledge, and agree to Tanda's terms of service (use the + Expand button to view the full terms)

Take note of the email that appears under Your email login - this will be the email you'll use to access the Tanda app.

Once complete, click the Set Password & Agree Button.

Download the mobile app

After setting your password, go back to your welcome email for a link to download the Tanda app.

Alternatively, you can also search for the Tanda app directly in the App Store or Google Play Store. Ensure you download the blue Tanda app.

Log in for the first time

Once you've downloaded the blue Tanda app, you'll be prompted to login.

Use the Email and Password that you set as part of the first step, then click the Log In button.

📝 Note: Some organisations require staff to log in using Single Sign On. Your organisation should advise you of the best method of accessing your account if they require Single Sign On.

Enter your onboarding details

Once logged in, you'll be welcomed to the app and prompted to complete your onboarding details. Click the Go to Onboarding button to start entering details.

On this page, you'll see the different sections to be completed, and a summary of your progress.

Personal Details

Under the Person Details section, confirm or enter your:

  • Name (Legal name, not nickname!)

  • Email

  • Secondary email for payslips (if different)

  • Phone number

  • Date of birth

  • Address

  • Emergency contact details

To make changes, click the Pencil Icon in the corner of each box.

Additional Details

The additional details section will include any custom questions your employer may want answered. Use the Save button to record your answer.


Your employer may have included a contract for you to read and sign during the onboarding process. Access and sign these through the Contracts tab.

Use the space at the bottom of the contract to sign, and use the Confirm & Submit button to save.


Your employer may also include documents or policies for you to read and acknowledge during the onboarding process. Access and acknowledge these through the Documents tab.

Use the checkbox at the bottom of the document to acknowledge, and click the Submit button to save.

Bank Account & Payroll

On the Bank Acct & Payroll tab, enter the details of the bank account you want your wages to be paid to. It's important to confirm these details are correct, as entering wrong details could impact your access to wages.

To add your details, click the + Add Bank Account button, and enter your:

  • Account name

  • Account number

  • BSB

Once complete, click the Add button to save details.

Tax Declaration

Your tax declaration shares important information about your employment with the Australian Tax Office, and it's important that the details you include are accurate.

Enter these details under the Tax Declaration tab during onboarding by clicking the

+ Add a Tax Declaration button. Once accurate details have been entered, declare and Submit the form at the bottom of the page.

💡 Need help understanding fields in the Tax Declaration? Check out our full guide.

Super Fund Membership

You'll likely also need to submit superannuation details as part of Employee Onboarding.

Under the Super Fund Membership tab, enter the details of your super fund. Once complete, click the Submit button to save your details.


Your organisation may ask you to enter the details of any relevant qualifications for your role, such as an RSA or a drivers license. You will only be able to add Qualifications if your employer has configured these in the Tanda account.

Under the Qualifications tab, click the + Add button and:

  • Select the relevant Qualification Type from those configured in the account

  • Enter your license or qualification reference Number

  • Enter the expiry date

  • Upload any relevant files

Once details have been entered, click the Add button to save your details.

Complete Onboarding

After all required fields have been completed (as shown through the progress at the top of the onboarding form), click the Confirm and Finish button at the bottom of the page.

Your employer will be notified that you've completed onboarding.

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