The Qualifications feature is used for:

How to create qualifications

  1. Navigate to Workforce > Qualifications

  2. Click + New Qualification

  3. Enter a name

  4. Complete the below fields if relevant:

    1. Maximum hours per week is used to warn managers on the roster and during shift. This is used mostly to monitor maximum visa working hours

    2. Prohibit roster publishing will prevent a shift being published if an employee does not hold the relevant qualification

    3. Automatically add staff with this qualifications to teams that require it makes an employee holding this qualification a member of any team that has this qualification as required

  5. Click Create new qualification

Assigning Qualifications to Staff

To assign a qualification to an employee:

  1. Navigate to the qualifications tab on their employee profile.

  2. Set the qualification status to current

  3. Optional: enter a reference number, effective dates and upload a file - Images (png. and jpg.) and PDF documents.

Qualification expiry notifications

Notifications by email are triggered by the below events:

  • 1 month prior to a qualification expiring, a warning is sent, letting you know of the upcoming expiry

  • On the expiry date itself

  • Whenever an employee updates their own qualification details

Employees are always notified of impending and expired qualifications, but you can select which roles you wish to be notified. To customise manager notifications, navigate to Settings > Permissions > Manager Permissions > Receive qualification expiry and update alerts

Expired qualifications will always flag on the dashboard and on the staff list.


Staff list:

Setting up maximum working hours alerts

An alert will be sent through your mobile app if staff are at risk of exceeded the maximum hours work. This will happen on each staff clock out, if their past clocked hours plus their future rostered hours are more than the maximum hours you will receive an alert.

To enable this, go to Settings > Notifications and tasks > Key Alerts > Qualification maximum hours risk

How this feature works

When an employee clocks out Tanda/Workforce takes all timesheet hours in the past, then adds them to all rostered hours in the future. If this adds up to more than the maximum hours for that qualification, the manager will receive a push notification.

You can also customise the receiver of the alerts. Receiving this notification will be through the mobile app so make sure you have our Tanda/Workforce Mobile app installed.

Allow staff to update their own qualifications

You can allow staff to update qualifications once it has already been assigned to them. This is helpful to upload new expiry dates, uploading new copies of qualifications, or for managing student visas. To allow employees to update qualifications, ensure the qualification is marked as active on their profile.

This will be approved by their manager once they’ve made some changes. Go to Settings > Permissions tab > Employee Permissions > Allow Staff to update qualifications:

Staff will need access to the desktop app to upload qualifications, which you can give them on their profile under Staff Profile > Permissions > Enable Tanda/Workforce desktop login.

And finally you'll also need to make sure the custom permissions for employee to view and edit employees (in this case this only applies to themselves) as well as user qualifications is correctly configured.

Head to Settings > Permissions > Show advanced settings > Customise access & roles here. Select 'Employee' on the left and ensure the view and edit access is given under Workforce > Employee and User Qualification

Staff will be able to update their expiry dates from the app, and will require approval from a manager before being formally updated. Learn more about this process in the Employee: Mobile App help guide here.

Reporting on qualifications

To download a report of employee's current qualifications, navigate to Workforce > Staff > Tools > Export > Employee data (CSV)

The file will contain a list of all qualifications that are 'Current', along with their expiry dates and future Effective Dates. To make it easier to read, you can use Excel's 'Text to columns' functionality to split the data up. Select a comma as the first delimiter and semi-colon as the second delimiter. Search 'How to split text to columns in Excel' to find a tutorial.

4. Enter the details, and click Update Employee Details to save your changes:

Staff notifications

Employees will now receive an email containing all qualifications that are expiring in exactly one month for them. These emails are sent out at 8 am according to the organisation’s Timezone:

So if the qualification expires today, the staff will be notified the next day at 8am via email.

Self-managed Student Visas

The combination of features and alerts work together to ensure that during term time visa worker hours get close to 20 hours per week, but not over:

  1. Managers alerted if employee at risk of exceeding their maximum hours

  2. Prevent roster publishing if above maximum hours or visa expired

  3. Set restrictions to apply only during term times

  4. Allow employees to update their qualifications, with manager approval and audit trail

  5. Set which permission levels receives notifications for qualification updates and upcoming expiry dates

  6. Set which permission levels can edit and approve all qualifications

  7. Report on student visas

Set up student visa Qualification

You can seamlessly manage student visas in Tanda/Workforce through Qualifications. Setting this up is just the same as how you configure qualifications.

Use the above qualification guide to enable the qualifications feature. Then, create a new qualification called 'Student Visa' and set the maximum hours to 20. Tick 'Prohibit roster publishing' (optional). Lastly, apply the qualification to your student visa employees on their profiles by ticking 'Current'.

Key Alert for maximum hours

If you want to be notified if your staff is at overtime risk, you can enable the Key Alerts through your settings. Click the cog wheel icon at the top right corner > Notifications and tasks > Qualification maximum hours risk > select the people who should receive the alerts:

Make sure you have downloaded our mobile app so you will receive the alerts.

Prevent publishing roster if hours exceeded

To do this, go to Workforce > Qualifications > click the ‘pencil icon’ to edit the qualification > tick the box that says ‘Prohibit roster publishing’:

You will always see a roster warning if you’ve rostered them for more than 20 hours or if the qualification is expired, but enabling this options means you won't be able to publish the roster if this warning is showing:

If you are using Employee Self Service, unapproved changes to the qualification will also prohibit roster publishing.

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