Quick guide on how to setup a Tanda Time Clock and get started recording time and attendance. Whether you are setting up your first time clock, or adding an additional clock, this article is for you.

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Setting Up a Time Clock:

Time Clocks are one of the ways you can record time and attendance in Tanda. Time Clocks are ideal for a fixed store location. Once the app is setup, employee's will use their passcode to clock in and out, with photo verification, and optional facial recognition to ensure the correct staff members are clocking in and out.

To setup a time clock:

  1. Download the Time Clock app from the App store for iOS devices or from the Play Store for Android devices. If you require a tablet device, we recommend the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 inch.
  2. Once downloaded, you will see two options; 'I'm new to Tanda' or 'My business uses Tanda'. Select My Business uses Tanda if you need to link the device to an existing account.
  3. You will now need to enter a Setup Code. This Code can be found by accessing the desktop application. From the dashboard hover your initials in the top righthand corner, select Time Clocks, and from the following page click 'New Time Clock' notated as a green button.
  4. Your linking code will appear as below. Please note: this is an example code, and will not work with your account, please refer to the above steps for access to your personal linking code.

Select the Location the device is associated with. You can also give the device a description if there are multiple devices used by the one location as a way to different between devices.


Recording Time and Attendance:

Once a Time Clock is setup, your employee's will have the ability to clock in via the use of their personal passcode attained during the signup process. The times are recorded, and uploaded to an employee's timesheet. From the timesheets page, the clocked information will appear as below.

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