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Configure your Sales, Revenue, Budgets & Demand Data (Data Streams)
Configure your Sales, Revenue, Budgets & Demand Data (Data Streams)

Linking data streams to teams and locations in Tanda

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This guide outlines how to link sales, revenue, budget, and other types of demand data streams with locations and teams in Tanda so that they can be used in rostering and reporting.

Import data into Tanda

By connecting your point of sale system, or manually importing demand data into Tanda you can enhance your reporting and rostering functionality.

There are three ways you can get your demand data into Tanda:

You don't have to just import sales or revenue data, you can import any kind of demand data that may assist in gauging efficiency and profitability, including Transactions, Bookings etc.

Note: it's also possible to import labour budgets as a guide for managers. To learn how to import labour budgets, see the Labour Budgets guide.

Manually enter sales data

You're able to manually enter Sales data via the dashboard using the Weekly Planner widget:

To enter sales data for a single location or team, filter to the team or location on the planner and the data will relate to that level of filter (organisation, location, or team).

Note: To see how to import a spreadsheet containing your revenue data, see Manually Importing CSV or Spreadsheet Sales and Budget Data

Manually enter budgets data

You're able to manually enter budget data via the dashboard using the Weekly Planner widget > then clicking 'Budgets':

To enter budget data for a single location or team, use the 'Budget Planner':

Learn more about entering data via the Budget Planner here.

Configure your data with Locations & Teams

The next step will be to join your Sales & Revenue data with your Locations & Teams on the Datastream management page, found via the settings cog in the top right / then by selecting integrations:

Once in the Integrations area, go to Manage Datastreams:

Each line you see here will be a datastream. These relate to the data which has been imported from your Sales & Revenue system or CSV upload.

Click on a data stream and hit "Create new join" and tell Tanda where the data relates to by choosing the teams and locations:

In the above example the data is my "Ottimo Revenue" so I would link it to locations and teams that are in my venue "Ottimo Restaurant":

Remember to hit Save Changes when you're done, and once the joins are selected it would look something like this:

Something to be aware of - you might have different "stat types" in your account like sales vs budget:

We just want to be sure we have got the data stream join and the linked stat type aligned correctly - whether that be sales, budgets or some other type of stat (like transactions for instance) that we want to show and report on in Tanda.

Once your data streams are joined you will be able to start seeing the sales or budget values across Tanda's dashboard widgets, rosters and reports.

Where to view the data once configured

Once your data streams are configured you will begin to see your actual sales, budgets, and forecasts in various places in the product:

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