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Labour Budgets: Measure costs against your budget
Labour Budgets: Measure costs against your budget

Keep wage costs under control by tracking against your budget.

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Entering a Labour Budget into Tanda enables you to easily track roster and timesheet costs against your budget. Labour budgets can be entered:

  • per location or department via the 'Budget Planner'

  • imported from .CSV

Enable Labour Budgets

To make your labour budget visible in your account, you will need to enable Labour Budgets in Settings > Roster Settings > Labour Budgets.

Edit budgets on the 'Budget Planner'

Once enabled you will see a link to the Budget Planner on the Weekly Planner widget on your dashboard. This is where you can begin creating and editing budgets in Tanda.

You'll be taken to the Budgets page, where you can select the locations for which you want to edit budgets. Selecting a location will also load all of its teams. The date picker is used to select the date for which you'd like to view a week starting from.

Once you select one or more locations, the budgets will be displayed.

Hit the edit button to expose the input fields.

You can then make changes to your budgets and save or revert them as required.

If one of your locations or teams is joined to multiple data streams, you won't be able to edit it in the table. Read our article on Datastream management for more information on how to set this up to suit your business.

You can change whether budgets are shown as wages or in hours by toggling the Wages/Hours toggle in the upper right-hand corner. This change will be reflected on the Weekly Planner and the roster.

You will then be asked to confirm the change before the setting is applied.

Import budgets from a spreadsheet

If you click the upload button on the weekly planner, or from the budget planner screen, you will be redirected to Tanda's CSV importing screen.

Details around using spreadsheets to import budgets (and other types of data) into Tanda can be found on our guide Manually Importing CSV or Spreadsheet Sales and Budget Data.

Where to compare costs to your budget

You can compare costs to your budget in two places:


You can view roster costs with your budget on the roster in several ways:

View total budget when rostering as a roster stat:

View your current rostered costs vs. your budget using the "Total Cost vs Labour Budget" stat:

If your budget is in hours, you can view "Total Hours vs. Labour Budget" instead:

View your SPLH (sales per labour hour) based on the current roster vs. your SPLH based on your budgeted hours:

View your Wage % of Revenue based on the current schedule vs. your Wage % of Revenue based on your labour budget:

Weekly planner

Once shifts have been worked, you can view on the Dashboard > Weekly Planner widget your rostered costs against timesheet (or actual) costs:

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