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Dashboard: Weekly Planner
Dashboard: Weekly Planner

Snapshot of Wage Costs in the Weekly Planner

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Weekly Planner

Use the weekly planner to track progress of your days completed so far in the week.

When viewing the current week, totals are calculated on days worked up to but not including the current day.

Tip: to track progress of your current day, refer to the live wage tracker dashboard widget. For viewing the total roster cost for the week, refer to your roster.


  • Costs are displayed as gross wage costs - it will match your roster cost and timesheet costs including the cost of leave, excluding on-costs

  • The Actual is based on completed Timesheets that contain both a start and finish time

  • Filters on the far right to switch between Wages/Hours, Time Period and Teams:

If you don't automatically import revenue data, you can manually enter revenue or budget figures. When entering values manually, enter the revenue or budget totals then refresh the page to recalculate the the total values.

Note: to find out more about importing revenue data, see automatically import revenue data by linking your POS system.

FAQ's and troubleshooting

How is the start day of the weekly planner determined?

The weekly planner start day matches your primary pay period.

What costs are included?

The weekly planner shows your gross wage costs - it will match your roster cost and timesheet costs excluding on-costs.

What will managers who have cost visibility turned off see?

Team Managers who don't have access to view Staff Costs won't see any dollar values in the Weekly Planner. They would only see data in hours format as below:

Why doesn't the 'Report' link take me to the correct report?

The reports that are active in your account can be customised. If you have more than one location in your Tanda account, ensure you also have the Costs by Shift Location report enabled. This can be enabled by navigating to Settings > Platform > Reports.

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