Weekly Planner

Use the weekly planner to track progress of your days completed so far in the week.

When viewing the current week, totals are calculated on days worked up to but not including the current day.

Tips: to track progress of your current day, refer to the live wage tracker dashboard widget. For viewing the total roster cost for the week, refer to your roster.


  • View the Roster, Actual and Variance total for each day. 

  • The roster shows as greyed out as it shouldn't be edited at this point to show accurate reporting. .

  • The Actual is based on approved Timesheets and you can click on the figure to go to Daily Timesheets.

  • Hover over the Variance to show the exact dollar and time figure. This can be used to see what happened on this day to incur the positive or negative variance:

  • Click on Detailed Report at the top to view the Costs by Day Report to see a further breakdown:

  • Filters on the far right to switch between Wages/Hours, Time Period and Teams:

  • Revenue can be manually entered in by clicking in the field for the relevant day:


Just a quick note on Team Managers who don't have access to view Staff Costs, they won't see any dollar values in the Weekly Planner. They would only see data in Hours format.

Moving Widgets

If you want to move where this widget sits on your Dashboard, hover over the heading until you see the 4-arrows and then click and drag to the new location. Widgets can't be minimised or deleted. 

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