No matter how you record time and attendance in Tanda, all times will be collated on timesheets to be reviewed and approved for payroll.

This is a quick guide explaining how to approve edit times, and confirm shift details prior to exporting your timesheets.

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Viewing and Editing Timesheets:

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To view your timesheets, firstly head to the timesheets tab in the top navigation bar, and select either daily, or your desired timesheet weekly/fortnightly etc.

Timesheets consist of three primary fields, start, finish and breaks. These fields dictate the amount an employee will be paid.

Under these fields, you may notice two time stamps. C is what time the employee clocked. R is what time the employee was rostered to work. Use this information to confirm or adjust the times in the start, finish, and break fields.

Shift details can only be altered prior to being approved. Click in the square containing the details you wish to change to alter them.

On the right hand side of the shift, there are tools to assist in altering the details of a shift:

  • Trash can: click this to remove shift details. It will not completely delete the shift as this is needed for recording keeping and compliance.
  • Inward facing arrows: collapse shift line. This icon appears instead of the trash icon and only when there are no times on the shift.
  • Plus icon: this will add a new shift line for that employee. This is useful when the employee has worked split shifts or changed teams during the day.
  • Airplane: add leave to this day.
  • Speech bubble: add a comment to this shift. You can specify who can see the comment.


Approving and Unlocking Timesheets:

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A timesheet can be approved or unapproved by toggling the approve button on the right had side of the shift.

Once approved:

Once timesheets have been exported to payroll, they become locked and are no longer editable.

There may be situations which you wish to unlock timesheets, and it can be done from the bottom of the timesheets page located at Timesheets > Weekly/Fortnightly.

Once the changes are complete, timesheets can be locked again by selecting the Lock all approved timesheets option.

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