This is a quick guide explaining how to edit and approve timesheets.

The Timesheet Approval Process

Use the Daily Timesheet view to approve timesheets for a shift:

A start and finish time is the minimum information required to approve a timesheet:

Approval options

Option 1 - Approve timesheets individually

Option 2 - Approve all daily timesheets

Tip: Daily timesheets are filtered by status. As each timesheet is approved it is automatically sent to the approved section, making it fast to approve timesheets individually.

Additional Timesheet Details

Timesheet Status

  1. Pending: a pending timesheet is created the moment a roster is published

  2. Approved: once a timesheet is approved it will need to be unapproved before times can be edited. Managers can unapprove timesheets.

  3. Exported: once a timesheet has been exported it will be locked for editing, and all costs will be locked. An Admin is required to unlock an exported timesheet.

There may be situations which you wish to unlock timesheets, and it can be done from the bottom of the timesheets page located at Timesheets > Weekly/Fortnightly.

Once the changes are complete, timesheets can be locked again by selecting the Lock all approved timesheets option.

For more specific information on Timesheet configuration see:

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