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Timesheets: Export Summary (Costs), Edit History
Timesheets: Export Summary (Costs), Edit History

View the edit history of an employee's timesheet, and review the export summary prior to export

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A quick guide detailing how to view the export summary of a timesheet in preparation for payroll, and view the edit history of an employee's timesheet.

The Timesheet Export Summary in Tanda is your final step prior to exporting your timesheet to payroll. It is used to ensure that all pay rules are interpreted as expected, and staff are to be paid correctly. The Timesheet Edit History is a great way to review any of the changes that have been made to an employee's timesheet.


Timesheet Edit History:

To view a timesheet history:

  1. Navigate to Timesheets in the main navigation bar.

  2. Select Weekly / Fortnightly timesheets and select an employee name to open their timesheet. Timesheet History is displayed at the footer of each individual timesheet for the pay period.

  3. Click 'Timesheet History' located at the foot of the timesheet to expand the timesheet history.

The Timesheet History displays all actions on a timesheet, including:

  • Action: What type of action was made (aka create, update).

  • User: Who made the change.

  • Time: When the change was made, date and time.

  • Change: What was specifically changed. The first column (in italics) shows what the timesheet displayed before the change. While the second column shows what the timesheet displayed after the change was made.

In the above example, the history shows the employee clocked in at 10:32am on February 11 2020 using the Time Clock. The manager, Kaitlyn, then manually updated the start time from 10:32am to 10:30am.


Timesheet Export Summary:

From an employee's timesheet, scroll to the bottom of the timesheet, until you see the heading Timesheet Export Summary.

The first column, Pay Rate lists all of the award/pay rules that apply to the employee on the timesheet. This is broken down into Ordinary Hours, Overtime Penalties and any Leave applicable:

The next columns are the Total Hours of each Award/Pay Rule, whether it is an Ordinary or Non-Ordinary Hours, the employee's base rate and then the multiplier that applies to the rule:

Finally, the last column is the Cost which totals down to the Total Cost for the timesheet.

If you have made any changes to the employee's classification in their profile or changes to the times in their timesheet, you might see a yellow warning bar at the bottom. This is to let you know that Summary costs and hours are no longer up to date and to recalculate. Click the Recalculate Costs button to update:

Timesheet Award Chart

This displays the information in the Timesheet Export Summary in a graph format which can be useful for seeing the span of the rules applying.

You can also see the daily breakdown in the shifts themselves, by hovering over the coloured bar to view which rule is applying:

If you find that you don’t agree with the Timesheet Export Summary, first check on the employee’s profile that they are setup correctly.

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