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Exporting: Timesheets to Payroll System
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Once you've configured Tanda for payroll and approved your Timesheets, you're ready to export from Tanda to your Payroll System. 

Some payroll systems have specific guides so it is worth checking out the Payroll & Accounting Integrations section first otherwise we'll step you through how to below, as it is generally initially the same for most systems.

The first step is to go to Time & Attendance > Timesheets > Weekly/Fortnightly:

All your Timesheets should be green to show they're approved:

If there are any that are showing white, just click on the employee's name to go into their Timesheet to check for any shifts you haven't approved.

For Salaried staff, even though their Timesheets won't be exporting to your Payroll system, you can still have them in green and export them along with the other Timesheets, they just won't show in the confirmation summary or export file. If they have Leave though, this will be included. 


You can use the filters to select one group of Timesheets. You might use this to export by Location or by Approval Status:

Exporting - Preview

When you're ready, just click the green Preview & Export button in the top right corner to go through to the Export Preview:

In this screen, you can:

  • Check for any warnings. An orange exclamation mark at the top will alert you to any issues:

  • Check Timesheet Export Summary: you can click on each employee's name to check the Award calculation. 

  • Check Total Hours and Gross Wage: at the end of each employee you can see the total for the pay period. 

  • Excel Summary: download the pay period to an Excel spreadsheet which will have an Overview, per day and per employee tabs. 

Exporting - Complete

When you're ready, just click the blue Export to Payroll Software button:

Depending on your system, either a file will download for you to import into your Payroll system or if you're using a Live system such as Xero or MYOB Live, you'll see a progress bar of your Timesheets being sent over. When this is complete, you'll see a summary of completion.

Check out the Payroll & Accounting Integrations Help Centre section for further system specific information or contact us on the details below. 

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