Permissions levels allow you to specify what different staff members can and cannot do in Tanda. There are five different permission levels:

  • Admin
  • Payroll Officer
  • General Manager
  • Team Manager
  • Employee.

Configure Permission Levels

What each permission level can do can be configured by and Admin under Settings > Permissions. Example of actions you can restrict include:

  • The ability to see costs
  • The ability to approve leave
  • The ability to edit / approve timesheets
  • The ability to see the full roster / leave calendar for a Team or Location
  • The ability to enter Time Off.

How permissions levels are configured will affect all staff with that permission level, apart from the ability to see costs which can be set on a profile basis.

Assign Permission Levels

Once you've configured your permissions levels, you can assign these to staff members. By default, all staff in Tanda will be setup as an Employee, which is the basic permission level. To give a staff member additional permissions, head to Workforce > Staff and select their profile. You can select the permission level under the Personal tab. Be sure to click 'Update Employee Details' for the new permission level to take effect. 

While on their profile, you may also wish to invite the staff member to login to My.Tanda by clicking the 'Invite to Tanda' button under their email address. This will send them an invite to activate their My.Tanda account and create a password. 

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