The automatic break setting saves time by factoring in break lengths on rosters & timesheets.

How it works: When a shift exceeds a certain length, a break is automatically deducted. This ensures breaks are considered in roster costs when the specific time of the break is unknown.

What employees see: Employees will see a total break time on their roster, but not what time the break is to be taken

When setting up automatic breaks, you can control:

  • To apply to rosters, timesheets or both

  • Which breaks are paid or unpaid

  • When breaks apply and the duration

  • Which employees each break setting should apply to

My employees clock no breaks

Both paid and unpaid breaks will apply automatically to your employees timesheets. Simply set up automatic breaks in General Settings and Tanda will do the rest.

My employees clock only unpaid breaks

Still set up both paid and unpaid automatic breaks. When your employees clock their unpaid breaks, any automatic unpaid breaks will simply be removed from the timesheet. If an employee forgets to clock their unpaid break, the automatic unpaid break will still apply.

My employees clock both paid and unpaid breaks

To stay compliant, set up both paid and unpaid automatic breaks. Unpaid automatic breaks will stop applying when employees clock breaks, and the paid breaks will always apply. This ensures you have a record, even when your staff forget to clock their paid breaks.

Next steps:

  1. Find your Aus Award configuration (if required, below)

  2. Learn how to set up automatic breaks

Australian Award Configuration

We have outlined the break requirements for each Award for you to use in your setup.

Minimum requirements

This setup is for the minimum requirements under each award. E.g. If the break period if “at least 30 minutes but no more than 60 minutes” then the automatic break will be 30 minutes. You can increase the amount as needed.

Overtime breaks not included

This setup does not include breaks owing due to overtime as this is too variable. These breaks will need to be clocked or added manually to timesheets. Check your award for these conditions.

General Retail




Full time and Part time

Clerks - Private Sector

Fast Food Industry

Health Professionals

Children's Services


Registered and Licensed Clubs


Maintenance and Horticultural Employees


Road Transport and Distribution

Storage Services and Wholesale

Food, Beverage and Tobacco Manufacturing

Hair and Beauty


Part Time, Casual, Full Time

Amusement, Events and Recreation

Full time


Exhibition employees

Aged Care


Laundry and Dry Cleaning Award

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