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Configure employees for payroll
Paying salaried staff using autopaid earnings templates
Paying salaried staff using autopaid earnings templates

Automatically create payslips for salaried staff or other employees that are paid the same amount every pay period.

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Setting up an autopaid earnings template

Navigate to Payroll > Staff and select the employee you want to create an auto-pay template for.

Under the heading 'Autopaid Earnings' click '+ ADD'

Select a payroll earnings rate and enter the employee's Annual Salary and weekly hours.

FAQ: What if an employee's weekly contract hours are more than 38, but they only accrue leave based on a 38-hour week?

If an employee's standard contract is more than 38 hours, but you want to cap the amount of leave they can accrue, you should split the autopaid templates across two earnings lines.

In this scenario, the earnings rate 'Hospitality - Base Hourly ( + 38 hours) is configured not to accrue leave. Learn more about configuring earnings rates

Creating payslips for staff with autopaid templates

Employees with autopaid earnings templates will have payslips automatically created when you finalise timesheets in Tanda and export timesheets to your payrun.

Note: Autopaid earnings lines will stack on top of any normal award rules that are exported from the timesheet. Learn more about configuring payroll for salaried staff.

Automatic adjustments of autopaid templates when employees take leave

When employees have approved leave recorded on their timesheet, the autopaid earnings template will be automatically reduced by the number of leave hours being taken.

Scenario: Sarah Smith is paid an annual salary of $50,000, for 38 hours per week of work.

In the last pay period, Sarah took one day (7.6 hours) of annual leave. The autopaid earnings template was automatically adjusted to 30.4 hours so that the employees working hours + leave totalled their 38-hour-a-week contract.

FAQ: If an employee has multiple earnings lines on their autopaid template, which one will be reduced when leave is taken?

The earnings line with the largest weekly hours will be reduced.

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