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Learn the process of paying your staff, from approving timesheets to emailing payslips.

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Finalise timesheets in Tanda

At the end of each pay cycle, ensure all timesheets for the period are finalised. This includes:

  • Approving timesheets

  • Approving or declining leave requests

  • Ensuring all staff have bank and superannuation details submitted

Once timesheets have been finalised, navigate to the Timesheets tab and click the Preview Export button.

Review any export errors or warnings, confirm total hours and wages, and click the Export to Payroll Software button.

Once successful, you’ll see a confirmation screen, and can navigate to Tanda Payroll.

Post a pay run

Navigate to Payroll > Run Payroll to view your exported timesheets. The summary will include:

  • Period

  • Payment Date

  • Pay Group

  • Earnings

  • Tax

  • Superannuation

  • Net Pay

  • Status

To post a pay run:

  1. Select the relevant pay run (indicated by the Draft status)

  2. Review details of the pay run including earnings, taxes, and superannuation

  3. Correct any errors that may display (e.g. missing bank details)

  4. If paying staff for the first time, ensure leave balances and deductions are configured

  5. Click the Post Pay Run button once finalised

Once the pay run is posted, an ABA file will become available for upload to your financial institution. See the ABA File guide for more information on this process.

File STP

Each time you pay your staff, you’re required to submit the details to the ATO through Single Touch Payroll (STP). Learn more about STP in the full guide.

Once a pay run has been posted, the option to File (STP) will become available. You'll be prompted to confirm that payroll and tax details are ready to report, and clicking Confirm will share the information with the ATO.

Email payslips

The ATO requires payslips to be distributed to employees within 1 working day of payroll being run.

Once a pay run has been posted, the option to Email Payslips will become available. Clicking this button will send an electronic copy of an employee's payslip to the email listed on their profile in Tanda.

Once payslips have been sent, a confirmation message will appear at the top of the pay run.

Revert a pay run to a draft

If changes need to be made to a pay run, convert the pay run to a draft. This will also reverse any leave and unpaid super accruals.

To do this:

  1. Navigate to the Pay Runs tab

  2. Open the relevant period’s pay run

  3. Click the three dots in the top right corner

  4. Click the Revert to draft option

  5. Click OK on the confirmation message

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