Cashing out leave entitlements

How to cash out a leave balance for an employee in a pay run. i.e. Cashing out annual leave.

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What's covered in this guide?

  • Cashing out leave for an employee during employment

Cashing out annual leave means an employee receives payment instead of taking time off work.

Step 1 - Mark Leave to be cashed out

Navigate to Config > Leave Types, click on the leave type you wish to cash out and tick the “Can be cashed out” checkbox and save.

Step 2 - Apply the leave amount to an employee's payslip

To apply the cash-out leave amount, navigate to the employee's payslip.

  1. In the Cashed Out Leave section, click '+ ADD'

  2. Enter the leave balance hours to be cashed out.

    • If this is the entire balance, this should be the employee's current balance + any leave they have accrued in this pay run (see Leave Accrued section on payslip)

    • If this is part of the balance, simply enter the number of hours that the employee is cashing out.

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