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Public Holiday Checklist and FAQs

Ensure your account is configured and ready for public holidays

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Ahead of public holidays in your region, ensure your account is correctly configured and public holiday rates and leave will apply as required.

Set public holiday regions for your locations

Public holidays may differ between states, and Tanda assigns these public holidays based on the specified locations in your account.

As best practice, ensure each location in your account has the corresponding public holiday region selected. To do so:

  1. Navigate to Workforce > Teams

  2. Select Edit next to the location name and expand Advanced Options

  3. Click the box next to Holiday Regions and search for the relevant region

  4. Save changes with the Update location details button

Ensure Public Holiday (Paid/Not Worked) leave is applying to the relevant staff

Generally, Public Holiday (Paid/Not Worked) leave is only applicable to permanent employees (full time or part time). In Tanda, this default leave type is configured to apply to all staff, but can be adjusted.

To edit which staff can receive Public Holiday (Paid/Not Worked) leave:

  1. Navigate to the Time & Attendance > Compliance > Manage Leave types

  2. Click Edit next to the Public Holiday (Paid/Not Worked) leave type

  3. Change the Leave applies to setting from All Staff to Categorised staff (based on award tags)

  4. Tick the relevant award tags for staff that should receive this leave

  5. Save changes with the Update leave type button

Have Public Holiday (Paid/Not Worked) leave automatically created and approved

To save time ensuring employees receive the correct pay on public holidays, Public Holiday (Paid/Not Worked) leave can be automatically created and approved for the relevant staff.

To configure the leave type to automatically apply:

  1. Navigate to the Time & Attendance > Compliance > Manage Leave types

  2. Click Edit next to the Public Holiday (Paid/Not Worked) leave type

  3. Scroll down to the Leave applies on section and tick the option to Automatically apply this leave type on public holidays

    1. Optional: Tick the Applies on specific holidays to only apply to a specific public holiday

  4. Enable the setting under the Advanced Settings section to Automatically approve this type of leave request

    1. Recommended: Enable the setting to Prevent leave requests for this leave type to ensure leave applies correctly

  5. Save changes with the Update leave type button

How does Automatic Public Holiday (Paid/Not Worked) leave work?

When configured as above, an approved leave request will be created for employees that the public holiday leave applies to. The leave request is created at 11pm on the night of the public holiday.

Important to note:

The automatic leave request will not be created if:

  • The employee clocks in or out on the public holiday

  • A populated timesheet already exists for the employee on the public holiday

  • The leave type doesn't apply to the employee

How are the times/lengths of the automatic leave requests generated?

The times/length of the leave request will be populated based on the leave autofill settings in your account under Settings > All Settings > Leave.

For example, if a part time employee normally works 9AM - 12PM on Fridays, a public holiday on a Friday would automatically generate a leave request for 3 hours from 9AM - 12PM.

Learn more about leave autofill in the Autofill leave requests with correct hours for each employee guide.

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