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Staff: Viewing rosters and shifts

View all of your upcoming shifts on the mobile app as they're published.

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Always know when your next shift is and extra roster details through the mobile app.

This help guide covers:

Viewing your shifts

All team members can access information about their personal shifts in the app under the Shifts tab of the navigation bar.

On this page, you can scroll through your shifts for the current week, scroll back to shifts in the past, and scroll forward to future shifts that have been published.

Each shift card contains details like:

  • Your start and finish times

  • Any breaks you've been rostered

  • The team and location that you will be working in

  • The total shift length

  • The estimated wages that you will receive for working that shift (if enabled by your organisation)

  • The profile picture of other staff members in your team working at the same time

Clicking into a shift card will also show any additional shift details and actions, including:

  • Break start and finish times (if made visible by your organisation)

  • Whether the breaks are paid or unpaid (shown by the $ icon)

  • Any extra details/tasks for the shift

  • The button to request a replacement for your rostered shift (if enabled by your organisation - learn more here) Add link to replacements guide

Viewing your team's shifts

Depending on the organisation settings, you can also toggle between your shifts and your team's shifts through the Team roster button at the top of the page.

The Team roster can only be viewed one day at a time.

Accepting variations to your regular hours of work

Depending on your employment type and your organisation settings, your organisation may require you to accept or decline any shifts that doesn't meet your regular hours of work.

Any shifts that do not meet the regular hours set against your profile will be outlined when your roster is published.

When reviewing your upcoming roster, you'll have the option to Accept All Pending shifts, or Review by Hand through the Shifts page on the navigation bar.

Add your roster to your personal calendar

You'll be able to have your roster automatically added to your phone's calendar app by selecting the Copy calendar link + option in Settings. This will copy the roster as a URL to then be pasted into your calendar app.

Learn more about adding a calendar link to your phone's calendar app below:

(Note: these links will take you to the respective app's websites)

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