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Require managers to approve shifts with a variance to the roster
Require managers to approve shifts with a variance to the roster
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This feature will require managers to add a comment on shifts when they approve a shift with a variance between the rostered time or cost, and actual time or cost of the shift.

Enabling shift variance approval

To enable shift variance approvals, navigate to Settings > All Settings > Timesheet Settings > Shift Variance Approval

Report on shift variance reasons

You can report on these comments using the "Shift Comments for Period" report. To enable the report, navigate to Platform > Reports > Shift comments for the period.

You can then find it under the Reports tab, in HR reports section:

To report on comments, select a period and in the 'comment contains' field, search for 'Variance Approved':

Alternatively, comments are also available on the individual shifts:

FAQ & Troubleshooting

How does this work with Auto Approving Timesheets?

Approve all will approve all shifts with no variance, but those with variance will still require manual approval, and a comment to be entered.

Does everyone approving need to add a comment?

Yes, any manager who is approving shifts with variances will be asked to leave a comment.

Does this work on the mobile app or API?

Currently, this shift comment functionality is only available when approving shifts in a web browser.

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