If you employ permanent staff who are entitled to get paid when not working on a public holiday, you can use leave types in Tanda to automate this payment.

Configuring your public holiday regions

To automate payment of hours for staff not working on a public holiday, ensure you have configured your public holiday region.

Creating an automatic public holiday paid/ not worked leave type

All Tanda accounts are set up by default with a public holiday paid/ not worked leave type. Navigate to Time Off > Leave Types to edit these.

1: Name the leave type

2: Set the payroll code you wanted this leave type exported to

3: Choose if this leave type applies to staff across all awards, or a specific award template (if applicable)

4: Choose which award classifications this leave type should apply to (typically Full Time and Part Time)

5: Set 'Leave applies on' to Public Holidays and select 'Automatically apply this leave type on public holiday.'

6: Set the pay rate multiplier (typically 1.0x the employee's base hourly rate)

7: Choose the type of hours (ordinary hours counts towards other overtime rules, non-ordinary does not).

8: Save any updates

When will the leave type be applied?

This automatic leave type will apply around 11 pm on the day of the public holiday if they employee hasn't already recorded any worked hours for the day.

How do I apply this leave type retrospectively?

As this is an automatic leave type, it will automatically apply on the day of the public holiday. If you need to apply this retrospectively, you can select this during a leave request as you would a normal leave type. If you only want to apply this manually you can create a manual version of the leave type, by unticking the automatic setting outlined in step 5 above.

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