To automatically pay staff permanent staff for public holidays that they don't work, you can use an automated leave type. This guide details how to configure and use an automated public holiday leave type.

Configuring your public holiday regions

The automated leave type applies on the days defined as public holidays in your account. To learn more about how to set up public holiday regions, see the guide: configure your public holiday region.

How it works

On the day of a public holiday, if no hours are worked by the employee, the automated leave type will apply at 11pm on the day. If hours are worked, the automated leave type will not apply. The below table summarises the impact of each scenario:

Public Holiday not worked

Public Holiday worked

Public holiday leave type applies

Timesheet times used. Leave type does not apply

Number of hours based on leave autofill settings

Number of hours based on timesheet times

Pay rate based on leave settings and employee pay rate

Pay rate based on award rule applying and employee pay rate

Creating an automatic public holiday leave type

Newly created Tanda accounts already contain an example leave type called 'Public Holiday (Paid/Not Worked)'. You can use this example leave type, or create a new one from scratch by following the steps below.

To create a an automated public holiday leave type, navigate to Time Off > Leave Types, and click '+ New leave type':

  1. Name the leave type

  2. Set the payroll code you wanted this leave type exported to

  3. Choose if this leave type applies to all staff, or staff covered by a specific Modern Award (if applicable)

  4. Choose which categories of staff you want the leave type to apply to (typically this is Full Time and Part Time employees)

  5. Set 'Leave applies on' to Public Holidays and select 'Automatically apply this leave type on public holiday.'

  6. Set the pay rate multiplier (typically 1.0x the employee's base hourly rate)

  7. Choose the type of hours (ordinary hours counts towards other overtime rules, non-ordinary does not)

  8. Save any updates

FAQ's and Troubleshooting

Can you apply an automated public holiday leave type manually?

Yes. If you can apply this leave type ahead of time manually, or apply it to previous public holidays. To do this, apply leave selecting your 'public holiday (paid/not worked)' leave type.

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