A leave auto-fill strategy can be used to ensure that the breakdown of leave hours is reflective of an employee's contracted/ rostered hours. This strategy will work for manual requests (i.e annual leave) as well as automatic leave types like public paid/not worked.

Configuring an auto-fill strategy

To auto-fill permanent employees leave using their contract/ regular hours, it is suggested the following steps are followed:

  1. Regular contract hours are entered against employee profiles

  2. Navigate to Settings > All Settings > View all leave settings > Auto-fill Leave Requests and choose which award tags you are setting the auto-fill strategy for. In most cases, you can select 'All tags.'

  3. Enter the strategy you would like leave requests to be auto-filled from. To ensure permanent employees always have leave requests filled from their contracted regular hours, set 'Regular hours of work' as the first step. This also ensures you can automatically allocate the correct hours to staff who are entitled to be paid when not working on a public holiday.

This will now simplify the process of creating new leave requests so that:

4. Employees can create a new leave request and select the period of time they would like to take off

5. The leave request breakdown will be automatically filled using the auto-fill strategy you have set. In the example below, this is using the employees regular hours of work.

Note: The entirety of the first step that is applicable to an employee will apply. (i.e if the employee has one published shift in a roster period (that week) then that is what Tanda will use to auto-fill leave hours. Any hours in following steps would be ignored (Unpublished Roster in the screenshot example above)

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